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August 1, 1945: Seven Days No Flying

August 1, 1945 envelope





Aug 1, 1945

St.Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom, Dad, Sis, & possibly Johnnie

Good gosh, here I have another day off, this is almost too good to be true. Guess this makes about 7 days now with no flying. Don’t know what to do with myself half of the time.

Next nite: Thats as far as I got yesterday, some of the boys came along & wanted to go to Leige with them & see what kind of a town that was. I found out. Wouldn’t be surprised if thats my last trip to that town. Then today we had to make  a trip to England & pick up the mail & etc. We go back to the old airfield where we were stationed. It looked kinda good, already so soon. We fooled around there for a few hrs. & got back around 6 tonite. It’s only an hr. & a half flight over there. Course it’d take you a day or two otherwise. Continue reading

July 4, 1945: Home in a Year or Two

July 4, 1945 Envelope

July 4, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

This is going to be just a short note, really short, tonite for I want to go into town at 6:30 & its 5:30 now. Want to eat in between there somewhere. Continue reading

June 24, 1945: Haven’t Checked Out

June 24, 1945 Envelope

June 24, 1945




Dear Mom & Dad,

Another Sunday & as usual in the ETO, there’s nothing to do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Sunday though, the same thing holds true for any day. It’s one of those days you’d love to go up to the mound for a picnic but I’ll be darned if I know where there’s any mound around here. Continue reading

June 20, 1945: Signed Up

June 20, 1945 Envelope

June 20, 1945




Dear Mom & Dad,

Just another short line tonite. Intended to write last nite but just to tired from flying. Did not land till 7 & had to get up at 4 again this morning & fly some more.

Haven’t written home since my last 48. Really had a heck of a swell time in London on it. I was all over the darn place riding the subways. Went to a wedding &  party of one of the boys here & of course a good time was had by all. Smithy & Don were with me & believe me we really cut up. Bought me a bunch of new clothes while I was down there. Bought a combination overcoat & raincoat. Think it might come in handy this winter. It’ll even be o.k. for dear old Michigan. I’m getting quite a collection of clothes together. Have two raincoats & an O.D. battle jacket, 18 pr. of pants, counting winter & summer, about 20 shirts, 15 pr. of shorts, at least 20 undershirts, 30 pr. of socks, 10 belts, 25 hankerchiefs, but only 4 usuable pr. of shoes. Guess I’ll get by for a week or so. If I could get a green battle jacket now, I’d be happy. Continue reading

April 18, 1945: Nice Gal

April 18, 1945 Envelope


April 18, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

I’ll try to write a fairly long letter tonite. Doubt if I have the time but here goes any way.

I said in my last v-mail I’ve been busy, take that as you may. We really shouldn’t say how many flights or missions we have in, so I’ll exclude those kind of remarks. I could probably tell you & get by with it but its better left unsaid to all censorship rules. I should know, I’ve been one for over a week now. Thats just a side line by the way.

Have three letters of yours in front of me now. Just a minute, will take a little time out & see if there are any questions to be answered.

Question no. # 1. has to to with your v-mail of the 4th Dad. The first v-mail, I’ve gotten by the way. Yes, I did remember that was Sisters birthday but not until the last minute. I was so darn busy with this & that at that time, guess I was lucky my mind functioned that much. Wish I could have at least sent her a card but it was impossible.

That was a mistake in Smithy’s promotion. It was just to 1st Lt. At least it was a promotion & I’ll admit myself, wouldn’t mind having one like it.

I don’t know when Mothers day is or was but I guess it must be around this time somewhere. At least according to the letters I’ve been censoring lately. You know I’m thinking of you Mom whether its mothers day or not.

In regards to the money business. I don’t think  Mrs.Colinsfast can send it, so I’ll be sending it one of these days myself. That’ll be another $300 to add to my jingle money. Might have enough yet to get me a new hankerchief when I get home. Signed this next months pay voucher already, if things keep going as they are, part of that will be going home to. Cost me 4 cents in town last nite. Think I could last a long time at that rate. Never have spent over a $1.50 in one nite. Continue reading