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Oct. 31, 1945: Hunting Partridge


October 31, 1945 EnvelopeOct. 31, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium



Dear Mom & Dad,

Well I got your first letter telling about hunting, on this the last day of the season. Strange as it is, this was also my first day of hunting.

Went out around the airfield here. Put up 3 or 4 pheasants but they were all out of range. I’m hunting with skeet shot #8’s, so they really have to be close if I’m going to get them. Continue reading

Oct. 28, 1945: 1st Pilot on Camera Mission

October 28, 1945 Envelope

Oct. 28, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium



Dear Mom & Dad,

Just another short note tonite. As usual theres not much to say for I haven’t been doing anything.

Not even any mail to answer. Nobody has gotten any again, for the last three days. That always makes the troops happy.

Just got back a couple of hrs. ago from Hasselt. Have been up there since Fri. afternoon. Had another pass & spent it at Toni’s place. Continue reading

Oct. 4, 1945: Glad You’ve Kept All My Letters

October 4, 1945 Envelope

Oct 4, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well by gosh, a couple of your letters finally got through. It’d seem better than a week since the last one. Couldn’t blame you though for there wasn’t any mail from the states got for anybody during that time.

As theres nothing going on over here will answer your questions first. Yep, thats the jacket with the red lining. I always manage to get a few whistles when I take it off, for some reason or another. Trip beautiful down to Cannes just because it was over the alps? I’ve seen those blasted things so often, I’m almost tired of looking at em. Continue reading

Aug. 22, 1945: In Memory of Gerald Warren


My father’s letters sat in a shoe box in my Aunt Edythe’s garage for many years. The following letter was damaged by mice I assume:

August 22, 1945 Envelope

Aug. 22, 1945

St. Trond,Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad

Just a line tonite before going to bed. Received the letter this afternoon telling of Jerries sickness. It was quite a shock believe me. I didn’t remember you even mentioning he hadn’t looked so well.

Next Morn: I wrote Marshall’s last nite & its on its way already. Told him that if I had anything that might be of value in helping Jerry recover, it was his for the using. In case he should need it, I presume you can cash in my War Bonds

“power of attorney” gives you

isn’t it.

hear about getting home

is all bad. My only

to send replacements Continue reading

Aug. 15, 1945: End of War!


August 15, 1945 Envelope

Aug. 15, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

I’m celebrating the end of the war by writing this over due letter. It almost seems impossible doesn’t it. This last week & a half has been something that I don’t believe even the greatest optimist looked forward to.

Of course all of us over here are wondering what difference its going to make to us. There are lot of rumors naturally but I’m certain there is nothing definite known as yet. I personally am not very optimistic. Don’t believe I can expect to get back in less than a year. Our job of mapping is just about over with a little good weathers we can finish in no time. When that is done, I’d say our chances of getting home are a lot better.

Two weeks ago, if they’d of offered me a discharge, I would of taken it. Sure wish they’d try it now. Like a darn nut, a week ago, I gave my choice as staying in, that is they’d extend my commission from year to year. As I understand it by that method, I could get out just about when I wanted to, so it’ll still be o.k.

We got back from the Rivera nite before last. Had a wonderful 7 days. We took nine rolls of film while there so we should have a few good ones out of it. Will send them to you as soon as they’re developed. Continue reading