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Mar. 25, 1945: Had a Dream

March 25, 1945 Envelope

Mar. 25, 1945




Dear Mom & Dad,

Well here I am, finally in England. Got in yesterday after pretty much of an uneventful trip. I failed to write you from only one place. That was the place before this one. We weren’t there too long & I had neither the paper nor any place worth a darn to write. Continue reading

Mar. 8, 1945: This Country

March 8, 1945 Envelope

Thurs. Evening

Mar. 8, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

Don’t know just exactly what to say tonite. It’s rather a problem in more ways than one. First I don’t dare say too much & secondly really haven’t figured out yet just how to say what I can.

This, I certain beyond much doubt, will be the last letter you’ll receive from me from this part of the country, for possibly quite some time. It rather looks like they mean it from here on out. I’m sitting here now with a-45 cal. revolver, in a shoulder holster, around my neck. I don’t reckon I’ll have it long. The part of the country I’m heading for they don’t kill quite all of them. Continue reading

Jan. 29, 1945: Six Letters

January 29, 1945 Envelope

Monday Nite

Jan. 29, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

I don’t think I’ve written since I sent those pictures. I have six of your letters here to answer, two of which I got today. Do you want me to send Chucks’s letter back? I imagine you do, so I’ll try to remember to enclose it in this letter.

Are you sure Dad that I don’t have to pay any income tax. I thought I’d have to pay on that $325 anyway. Check on that & make sure will you.

Our Navigator, Bombadier & Armorer Gunner are married. Five of us are single. That is 4 besides myself. I think my pilot or Wade would be (married), but he himself admits he’s too young. Continue reading

Dec. 22, 1944:Dead Tired


December 22, 1944 Envelope

Dec. 22, 1944




Dear Mom & Dad,

I really am sorry I haven’t written for the last few days but I think I explained in a previous letter why. I’m so dead tired most of the time when the day is over. I have a hard time even undressing to go to bed. Continue reading

Aug 30, 1944: Know for Sure


August 30, 1944 Envelope





Aug 30, 1944

Lt. Richard W. Warren

Dear Mom & Dad,

A short note tonite, so that you’ll know for sure that I’m back.

Got in Moultrie about 6 o’clock & came right on out to the post. Rick & a few of the other guys are gone. Went to the air transport command a couple of days before I got back. I was supposed to go to. Never was so mad in my life for that is what I’ve always wanted. Continue reading