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April 23, 1946: Nite Flying Again Tomorrow


April 23, 1946 EnvelopeMellaha, Tripoli

April 23, 1946

Dear Mom, Dad and All

Now to get another line off to you tonite. Don’t know what I’ll write about at present, but I’ll try to figure it out as I go along.

They tell me we are going to get paid this month, so I may send $100. in a day or two. Haven’t made up my mind yet. I may just let the pay pile up till I run out of money, then collect two or three months at once.

I presume I’m an uncle now. I may not be though for its only around 5 back there. Don’t suppose I’ll know for sure for a couple of weeks. Hope that letter is one of those that comes through occasionally in about six days.April 23, 1946 Continue reading

April 19, 1946: Glad to Hear One Girl Isn’t Married

April 19, 1946 EnvelopeApril 19, 1946

Mellaha Fld. Tripoli

Dear Mom, Dad & All,

Now that I’ve borrowed this typewriter I’ll see if I can get another letter off to you tonite. I seem to have about four of your letters here to answer again so I guess I won’t have too hard a time at finding something to write about.

Flew again today, only for little over an hour though. It was supposed to be a camera mission, but as there were clouds in the area all I actually did was buzz them.

Received two more letters from you again yesterday. Also cards and letters from both Anna and Marg..Oh yes, also a letter from Diane saying that she is a happily married woman now. Maybe you know that by now, for she said she was sending you my school ring.April 19, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading

April 17, 1946: Flew Over Limey Field


April 17, 1946 EnvelopeApr. 17, 1946

Mellaha Fld., Tripoli

Dear Mom & Dad, & All,

While theres nothing doing this afternoon I’ll get a letter off to you. Most of the boys are outside shooting craps, so other than an occasional “c’mon a seven”, its pretty quiet.

Finally flew at nite for the first time in about 6 months, last nite. As you may remember, it was full moon, but it was pretty cloudy, in fact I had to fly on instruments on the base leg each time. Jim & I both shot three landings a piece.

What a commotion my flight caused though. I accidently flew over the Limey field near here while circling & those dull tools turned me in for buzzing the place, when actually I was 1500’ up at the time. Evidently they’ve been laying for one of us, for as I found out later one of their boys got “burned” for buzzing this field. It was an asinine thing for them to do, for at the altitude I was, I was perfectly in the clear.April 17, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading

April 13, 1946: Took Our Lunch to the Beach


April 13, 1946 EnvelopeMellaha Fld., Tripoli

Apr. 13, 1946

Dear Mom, Dad & all,

I’ll get a short note off here tonite, even though its 12 midnite at present. Didn’t get one written yesterday as I had hoped to. Stayed in town too long.

Received another package  of yours today Sis. The one with all of the sardines in. Once again, thanks a lot. Don’t know where its been all of this time for there hasn’t been any mail in for a few days.

Didn’t do much of anything yesterday, except go into town & have a steak supper. Stayed around there for a while afterwards playing ping pong & talking with a couple of English girls.April 13, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading

April 8, 1946: Cook Took Off for Liberia


April 8, 1946 EnvelopeMellaha Fld., Tripoli

April 8, 1946

Dear Mom, Dad, & All,

I’ll get another line written to you today, even though I haven’t mailed the one I wrote yesterday.

Don’t feel too good today & I really had a bad nite last nite. Started feeilng sick about 9 o’clock & by midnite I really was- Had a heck of a fever & chills. Threw up & had bowl movements till about 5’oclock this morning. I’m o.k. today except for feeling a little weak & my stomach not being to sharp. Seem to have gotten a hold of some rotten food somewhere but I’m sure I don’t know what it was. Continue reading