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Oct. 31, 1945: Hunting Partridge


October 31, 1945 EnvelopeOct. 31, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium



Dear Mom & Dad,

Well I got your first letter telling about hunting, on this the last day of the season. Strange as it is, this was also my first day of hunting.

Went out around the airfield here. Put up 3 or 4 pheasants but they were all out of range. I’m hunting with skeet shot #8’s, so they really have to be close if I’m going to get them. Continue reading

Oct. 19, 1945: First Nite Landing in B-17


October 19, 1945

Oct. 19, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

Reckon while I have a free after noon here, better get a letter off to you. Don’t think I’ve written for nearly a week & I wouldn’t call that good.

Your letters are coming through very slowly again. Haven’t had a word since the one telling of Jerries death.

Theres no really good reason for my not writing more lately except I just couldn’t seem to get in the mood to get one started. I tried all yesterday afternoon to sit down & write & I ended up without starting a word to anyone. Continue reading

Aug. 15, 1945: End of War!


August 15, 1945 Envelope

Aug. 15, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

I’m celebrating the end of the war by writing this over due letter. It almost seems impossible doesn’t it. This last week & a half has been something that I don’t believe even the greatest optimist looked forward to.

Of course all of us over here are wondering what difference its going to make to us. There are lot of rumors naturally but I’m certain there is nothing definite known as yet. I personally am not very optimistic. Don’t believe I can expect to get back in less than a year. Our job of mapping is just about over with a little good weathers we can finish in no time. When that is done, I’d say our chances of getting home are a lot better.

Two weeks ago, if they’d of offered me a discharge, I would of taken it. Sure wish they’d try it now. Like a darn nut, a week ago, I gave my choice as staying in, that is they’d extend my commission from year to year. As I understand it by that method, I could get out just about when I wanted to, so it’ll still be o.k.

We got back from the Rivera nite before last. Had a wonderful 7 days. We took nine rolls of film while there so we should have a few good ones out of it. Will send them to you as soon as they’re developed. Continue reading

August 1, 1945: Seven Days No Flying

August 1, 1945 envelope





Aug 1, 1945

St.Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom, Dad, Sis, & possibly Johnnie

Good gosh, here I have another day off, this is almost too good to be true. Guess this makes about 7 days now with no flying. Don’t know what to do with myself half of the time.

Next nite: Thats as far as I got yesterday, some of the boys came along & wanted to go to Leige with them & see what kind of a town that was. I found out. Wouldn’t be surprised if thats my last trip to that town. Then today we had to make  a trip to England & pick up the mail & etc. We go back to the old airfield where we were stationed. It looked kinda good, already so soon. We fooled around there for a few hrs. & got back around 6 tonite. It’s only an hr. & a half flight over there. Course it’d take you a day or two otherwise. Continue reading

July 29, 1945: Volunteering Till the War is Over

June 29, 1945 Envelope

July 29, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium



Dear Mom, Dad & Sis,

Well another Sunday is about half over. Its about 10 after 11 now & so far haven’t accomplished anything except that my breakfast & catch up a little more on my sleep.

Haven’t flown for four days now, just about a record for me since I’ve been over here. From what I hear, our crew isn’t supposed to fly again till the first of the month because we’re so high up on time.July 29, 1945 page 1 of letter written by Dick Warren, a B-17 pilot during WWII

You know I still haven’t gotten a ride with the Major yet. Another cp & I are going to hit him up for another ride today. Lyle’s really disgusted that they won’t give me a ride.

That $8 & sumpthin I make a day includes the $100 sent home each month.

You got the wrong impression of how I felt about that ride. Good gosh. I’d go crazy with boredom if something like that didn’t happen once in a while. That was the first flight I’d enjoyed in a long time.

Don’t give me & my women a second thought anymore. As Dad says when he plays poker. “I’m playing them tight to the belly.” No wrong ideas are wanted by that remark.

From all I can find out I’ve kind of messed myself up by volunteering to stay in till the war with Japan is over. I couldn’t see any way to get out anyway, so that seemed the logical thing to do. From all reports, the guys that said yes (thats me) will likely have to stay over here the longest. We’re under a 5 year plan that I know of now, so you can about guess what that’ll mean. The only thing good about it is that I ought to have a nice little bit of cash on hand by the end of that time. Oh well it’s hard to say just how they will work this. I’m just standing by with engines cut & waiting.

I’d like to make a phone call to home but I’m not in London anymore. The last I heard, they’d cut that out again for a while anyway. If the opportunity ever presents itself, you’ll hear from me. Doubt very much if it can be done now.

It was to your letter Mom that I answered about this little job we’re doing over  here. You’re right, Dad didn’t mention anything about the volunteering??? Ha

You’re darn right I want you to send me the funnies couldn’t get along with knowing how Terry & “Hot Shot’ were making out. Hot Shot & I are running a race to see who’s bar turns to silver from old age first.

I’ll be darned if I celebrated the 4th by getting married. Thats one way to cut off your independence quick like.

I guess I must have known about your being on your way Sis about as quick as the folks.

Whats this about having a snapshot of the buck I wounded last fall? Who are you trying to kid anyway??

Think I’d better close for this morning.

Lots of love,


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St. Trond, Belgium

St. Trond, Belgium


St. Trond, Belgium August 30, 1945


St. Trond by officers quarters Left to right: unknown, Dick Warren


Dick Warren St. Trond, Blegium