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Oct. 31, 1945: Hunting Partridge


October 31, 1945 EnvelopeOct. 31, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium



Dear Mom & Dad,

Well I got your first letter telling about hunting, on this the last day of the season. Strange as it is, this was also my first day of hunting.

Went out around the airfield here. Put up 3 or 4 pheasants but they were all out of range. I’m hunting with skeet shot #8’s, so they really have to be close if I’m going to get them. Continue reading

Oct 28, 1945: Back to Flying Tomorrow

October 28, 1945 Envelope

Oct. 28, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just another short note tonite. As usual theres not much to say for I haven’t been doing anything.

Not even any mail to answer. Nobody has gotten any again, for the last three days. That always makes the trops happy.

Just got back a couple of hrs. ago from Hasselt. Have been up there since Fri. afternoon. Had another pass & spent it at Toni’s place. Continue reading

Oct. 19, 1945: Eating Situation Not Improving

October 19, 1945 second envelope

Oct. 19, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

How do you like this? Two letters in one day. A new second for me no doubt. Whats the occasion? Nothing except I felt like answering the letter I got from you tonite. It’s the one with the last of the pictures, I believe & also the one that was started at the second ball game.

As you know now, I listened to each & every one of those games. The boys really kidded me when I went up to see the gal in Hasselt one nite & spent most of the time listening to the ball game, which she didn’t understand & I didn’t bother to explain to her. Continue reading

Oct. 15, 1945: Jim Middledorf

October 15, 1945 Envelope

Oct. 15, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

“Ise regusted.” I had a whole page written to you when I discovered I’d written it on the back of a letter I’d started to Mae about 5 days ago.

Just got through writing a line to Marshall & Celia. As it would be a month from the time of Jerries death till he’ll get my letter, I thought it would be better if I made it rather brief so I only wrote a page. There just wasn’t anything I could say. Continue reading

Oct. 8, 1945: Smitty Started for Home

Oct. 8, 1945 Envelope

Oct. 8, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

Will start a line now anyway. Haven’t written for 3 or 4 days. Got the two big air mail letters with the funny papers in them today. I wouldn’t bother to do that anymore. It costs 3 times as much as the paper was worth in the first place. I get the sunday funnies sooner or later anyway. They’re usually a month & a half to two months old but they’re new to me. Sending the daily ones in a letter is o.k. but it just isn’t worth it to put out that much for stamps to send me the Sunday ones. I know, there’s my Scotch blood showing up again.

I never seem to be able to keep even with the mail situation anymore. One day I’m 3 or 4  letters ahead & the first thing I know I’m 5 or 6 behind. Owe  Myrtle, Mae, Stella & Katzie letters at present. Hardly even hear from Diane anymore. Guess her man must have finally got home. With Sis moving, will have to start writing her separately again. Continue reading