Sept. 27, 1946: Letter From Mout


September 26, 1946 EnvMilwaukee

Sept 27, 1946

one month to the day answering your letter

Hello Dick,

So time marches on and I am exactly one month to the day answering your letter.

However I assure you I haven’t had your letter that long. Maybe this time our mail will make better connections.

Well old pal, how does it feel to be a civilian again? Have you gone to work as yet? I’ve been working here with my brother for about seven weeks  now. It’s a good thing I didn’t go to Omar, I would have missed you. And boy would you have gotten an ass chewing. Ha!September 27, 1946

So you don’t care to much for California eh? I don’t think it is so wonderful either. Always did think they had the place over rated. Yet some people are happy there. I like it here my self.

Well old man, it looks like my trip to Michigan will have to wait till next summer. You see, I started work sooner than I had expected. Have seen Unger & Cerny. We all were out together one night. Cerny & I have been out together several times. Got me a little blonde here that is a slick chick.

Yes, I was in L.R. a couple of times but didn’t make it over to 16th street. So tell you the truth it completely slipped my mind. And had I thought of it, I would not have had the address. Any way, I was there late at night both times.

Say! Dick, would you send me Wade’s address. Why I don’t have it is beyond me. I have some things that belong to him . Have waited for him to write me but he never has.

Guess what Dick. When I got home from over seas there was a dear John letter waiting for me from Gaby. I hadn’t given it much thought, and the other day I got another letter asking me to forgive her. Said her mind was in a turmoil when she wrote the other one. Now how do I know which letter her mind was mixed up in . Perhaps I’ll never answer it anyway. How is Loni & Vi & Jane & Sue? Boy you really got the gals.

Say! Will you send me Don’s new address. I’ll bet he thinks I’m a hell of a guy. I’ve misplaced his address & therefore haven’t written him in the last two months or more.

How is everything in Omar? Growing steadily I suppose huh?

Dick ,I’m a single man again. However, not like I wanted to be. My wife passed away about three weeks after I got out of service.

Let me hear from you again soon.

Your friend,


If you aren’t working drop across the lake sometime. Ph. Marquette 2292 Juneau Hotel


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