Oct. 28, 1945: 1st Pilot on Camera Mission

October 28, 1945 Envelope

Oct. 28, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium



Dear Mom & Dad,

Just another short note tonite. As usual theres not much to say for I haven’t been doing anything.

Not even any mail to answer. Nobody has gotten any again, for the last three days. That always makes the troops happy.

Just got back a couple of hrs. ago from Hasselt. Have been up there since Fri. afternoon. Had another pass & spent it at Toni’s place.October 28, 1945 page 1

Their whole family was there today. That is their immediate family. Her brother is home on leave. He’s getting his discharge in a couple of days I guess. He’s been in the Belgium Army a little less than a year. It was Toni’s mothers birthday today so I got her a pretty potted plant. She’s quite woman. One of those that can’t do enough for you.

Spent most of my pass around the house there doing a lot of nothing & sleeping till about 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning.

Next Evening: See if I can’t get this finished tonite. I got listening to a play over the radio last nite & forgot to finish what I’d started.

Spent another busy day today doing nothing. Took an hr. of link & thats about all.

Finally got a little mail today. Two letters from the gal in London but not a darn thing from the states.

Guess I’ll have to go back to flying tomorrow. Am scheduled as 1st pilot on a camera mission. Don’t guess I’ve flown for over a week now. About 9 days I think.

I see by the paper if I was back in the states I wouldn’t have too much trouble getting a discharge. Seems as though the air corps is getting rid of pilots with 44 or more points.

Think I’ll sign off. Should write to Little Rock & the gal in London. Nite

Lots of love,


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