Oct 23, 1945: Going To Be An Uncle

Octobr 23, 1945 Envelope

Oct. 23, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

So I’m to be an Uncle. It’s about time! I’ve been playing the role of Uncle Dick for years in every way but the title. But your being Grandma & Grandpa just isn’t going to sound right. Grandma & Grandpa. Ha!Ha!Ha!Ho!Ho! Be sure & send me sis & Johnnies address at Selfridge Fld. so I can write them.

Now those are pretty good reasons for getting me home in the immediate future, I’ll admit, but well now, C.O.’s just don’t seem to think along those lines. Why, I’m  sure I don’t know. Was really surprised about Karens questions probably even more so than about Sis. I didn’t realize that Karen would even remember me.October 23, 1945 page 1

I just can’t explain how it struck me that Celia took a rose bud from my flowers to Jerry & put it in his hand, burying him that way. All I can say in the way of an explanation is that I shan’t forget it for many years to come.

You can tell Sis if you see her before I get a letter written, that I’ll gladly take that job as maid. Probably the only work I’ll be able to get anyway.

I just came off of duty as airdrome officer of the day again. Thats a nice 24 hr job that actually amounts to nothing more than being a glorified messenger & general information bureau.

Other than that A.O.D. business I’m leading a pretty uneventful life at  present. Toni has gone away for a few days, so I can’t even go up there & see her at nite. I thought I’d been spending a comparatively easily life as far as flying went this month. Accidently noticed yesterday that I had at least two more flights in than anyone else.

Well I suppose you’ve bagged at least 15 pheasants to date this season. How are you doing on the pats? Where do you have your buck tied up at?

Now thats a funny thing, your asking if I’d lost my pen. How did you know? Lost it again about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Looks like its for good this time. I’ll be looking for that package.

Think I’d better close for tonite. It’s not too late but it seems like it to me for some reason or another.

Nite for now.

Lots of love,


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