May 23, 1946 EnvelopeMunich, Germany

May 23, 1946

Dear Mom & Dad,

Don’t bawl me out too much for not writing for I have been pretty darn busy. I’ll likely be even more so in the near future, so my letters will be mighty scarce.

Don’t know whether this is good news or not but I’m definitely leaving these lands, bound for the States before the 15th of June. It won’t be over a couple, three weeks at the most before I’ll be on my way. So if I only get a couple of letters written in that time, don’t raise too much heck witH me. In that regard, don’t write me any more. By the time they’ll get here, I’ll be on my way home, so you can let that pen rest from here on out.

mAY 23, 1946 pAGE 1

Eight of your letters caught up to me day before yesterday. From the 24th of April to the 10th of May. Was glad to hear that both Sis & the baby are getting along so good.

I’ll sure be glad when these next couple weeks are over. I got a heck of a lot of packing & mailing to do in that time. I’m staying on this T.D. deal till the 27th & then will go back to Lechfeld to get processed & etc. Jim & Slim are both going with me on this shipment home, as well as a lot of the boys I was with down in Tripoli.

It’s hard to realize that I’m finally going to get back & out of this damn Army. I can just about imagine how some of the guys that spent 3 years & more over here felt by the time they went home.

As near as I can tell now. I should be at the Michigan Central Depot somewhere along towards the end of June.

Can’t see how I can possibly make it for your birthday Mother, but I’ll be thinking of you & have a happy one. If you’d postpone it about 10 days, I might make it. Will close for now, have to write a couple more. See you soon.

Worlds of love


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