Mar. 5, 1946: Gazelle Meat Tender


March 5, 1946 EnvelopeMellaha Fld., Tripoli

Mar. 5, 1946

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well I finally got caught up on answering all of yours letters, so once again I’m writing on my own.

I’m laying out here at present, busily engaged in taking a sun bath. The wind is slightly cool but at least the suns good & warm. According to weather, this is about the only place around here the sun is really shining today, hence no flying. I was scheduled to go up if there was any. Am almost rid of my cold so it probably wouldn’t have bothered me too much.

Those pictures were taken a couple of days ago. Mout & I printed them yesterday. Took some more of Tripoli yesterday but as yet haven’t gotten around to developing them.

That gazelle meat I had the other nite was really good. Tender enough so that you could cut it with a fork. Tasted  about like the breast of a duck. Don’t think I’ll get a chance to hunt them, not for a while anyway for transportation is nil at present.March 5, 1946 Page 1

Don’t guess I ever told you that we have music here all day long. They have a big amplifying system at the post theatre which is strong enough to be heard all over the post. Have anything from hillbilly to long hair stuff all afternoon long.

There seems to be so little to write about today. We aren’t doing a darn thing except lead a life of leisure. Don’t suppose I can complain about that. Thats the one thing wrong with this kinda life. It just doesn’t give you enough to write about.

Haven’t had a letter from Sis for quite some time. Reckon she’s pretty busy though. I can remember everything about their address except Johnnies serial no. Think the letters will get through o.k. Doubt if anybody ever looks at the serial no. anyway.

Don’t owe anybody any letters except Marguerite. She can wait by gosh. It took her about a year to write to me. I haven’t heard from Diane in a long time. Suppose she’s disgusted with me, for I haven’t been encouraging her writing. In fact about the only people I hear from any more are you, Sis & the gal in St. Louis. You three make up the ones I really enjoy getting letters from anyway, so I don’t mind. Oh yes, Mae writes quite often. I’m having her find out for me all she can on this going to college business.

Think I’ll sign off for today.

Worlds of love,


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