Feb. 4, 1946: Display Our Might to the Arabs

February 4, 1946 EnvelopeFeb. 4, 1946


Dear Mom & Dad,

I’ll get a line started here before supper & see if I can’t get it finished afterwards. The other boys in the room are going downtown, so I guess I’ll have lots of time.

Got in a little flying time again today. it seems as though the brass think we ought to display our military might (?) to the Arabs around here. So we went up & flew a 6 ship formation for about an hr. The same thing is scheduled again for tomorrow morning. As you know I’m 1st pilot down here & that was the first time I’ve flown any formation for about 6 months. Never have flown much formation from the left seat, so needless to say I was sorta rusty when I first got in the formation. It was kinda fun flying with somebody else around to bother you, for a change.February 4, 1946 Page 1

I couldn’t land when we peeled off because I had to go up to 10,000’ to check an instrument. So I just settled by buzzing the field. Will admit I had permission to do it.

The navigator I have will be going home in a couple of days so I guess I’ll be getting another one. Don’t know where they’ll dig one up but undoubtedly they will. That battle star really helped a lot of boys in our Sqdn to get home quicker. Guess we have about 10 that are eligible now.

Feb. 6 Don’t know where all of the time has gone but I see I haven’t done much about getting this letter on its way for the last couple of days.

I went into town with the rest of the boys the other nite. They talked me into it at the last minute. Had a good meal & a pretty fair time.

Flew that formation again that next day. Lucky me, I had a chance to buzz the field again that day. Even got congratulated on the fine job I did of it that time.

My navigator & co pilot went to Cairo today so don’t suppose I’ll be flying for a few days.

Think I’ll sign off, for I’m really getting hungry. Nite.

Lots of love,


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