Feb. 28, 1946: Arnie’s Death


February 28, 1946 EnvelopeFeb. 28, 1946

Mellaha Fld. , Tripoli

Dear Mom & Dad,

Have a couple three more letters of yours to answer so best I get one written. Got one here yesterday that  had been missent to another apo (Feb. 7th) & then two in the afternoon from Lechfeld, old ones 14th & 23rd of Jan. Just got two more a few minutes ago (12th & 15th of Feb.).

It really a warm day out. Very much like an early summer one. Same way yesterday. It’s really too hot for these greens & pinks we have to wear. Don’t imagine they’ll allow us to wear sun tans till around the middle of April.Just got paid a few hrs. ago. If I remember it, will enclose a $50 money order in this letter. Will send 50 more in the next letter. It really costs quite a bit more to live around here than it did in Germany. I’d guess I spend about $45 a month for food alone. Fact is, I can’t figure out just where the money does go. Don’t reckon I should worry as long as I save $200 a month.

Nobody flew today. First time thats happened for about a week. I flew both yesterday & the day before taking pictures. You can imagine about what a job it is trying to find out whether you’re on course on these flight lines on the desert. Thank goodness I only do the flying. Knowing whether we’re on course or not on the flight lines is up to the bombardier.February 28, 1946 Page 1

Haven’t been doing much hunting lately. Shotgun shells are pretty scarce at present. Last time I was out, did get 10 doves though. Keep getting more each time I hunt. Maybe its a good thing they’re about out of shells, for I seem to be decreasing the dove population. They’re getting to be harder to find every time.

Had a letter from Stanley Steward yesterday. He thought I was still in Germany & of course expected to see me. Wrote a letter back last nite, explaining everything & sent it on the courier ship going to Germany today. He should get it in a couple of days.

Just remember before you bawl me out about not writing, don’t guess you’ve really bawled me out, but anyway, just remember that I’ve gone a month & better without a letter from you. Not that you weren’t writing but because the mail was going the long way around. It’s darn seldom that I don’t write at least once a week & usually it’s two or three times. I know how you feel in not getting any letters for a couple weeks at a time, but you just got to expect those things even if it does make you mad,

I believe I saw the Post article in it about the Riviera. Don’t believe I read it though.

Saw a short the other nite at the show showing the fighter boys strafing the German airfields. There’s several of us that’ll swear that one of the fields was Lechfeld. There are shot up German planes all around that field anyway. One thing I liked about that short was that you knew that all of the boys were doing the shooting & taking the pictures got back safely. At least from those missions shown.

Boy $320 seems like an awful lot of income tax for you two.

Oh yes, I got the packages with the hot plate, frying pan & food as well as the one with the magazines. Again they got here as soon as the letters. Have been spending most of the morning reading those magazines. Have 4 finished already, at least temporarily.

Have another slight cold again. One of those fly by nite ones. I’m going to close now & go mail this. Want to send the money order & I’ll have to hurry or the P.O. will be closed.

I guess you know that Arnies death didn’t make me feel very happy. Was glad to find out though just what happened to him. I’ve had a hunch right along that he was shot down but of course couldn’t find out whether I was right or not. I had the gal friend in St. Louis, sister to the one he had there, making inquiries for me but she couldn’t out anything. I feel sorry for his father. Believe there was just the two of them. Know his mother was dead.

Will answer the rest of your questions tomorrow.

Worlds of love,


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Death of Arnie Weinrich

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