Feb. 1, 1946: Drag My Swimming Trunks Out of the Moth Balls


February 1, 1946 EnvelopeFeb. 1, 1946


Dear Mom & Dad

Guess its about time I got another letter written to you. Payday was yesterday, so thats another reason for getting this on its way.

Enclosed you’ll find, or should anyway, $200. I could have sent more, but I may need it later, if not I can send it then. That still leaves me with about $50 in German money & another $100 in Tripoiltonian lire.

Flew two days this last week. 3 hrs one day & 4 the next. Didn’t take any pictures. Too many clouds. What desolate looking country that territory is. All of it around here for that matters. I flew back the other day, right down the coast about 300’ off of the deck. All there is to see is an occasional Arab tent, camels & Jackass, a tree here & there and sand dunes.February 1, 1946 Page 1

Haven’t been doing too much with my spare time. Nothing to talk about anyway. Played a little basketball the other nite, have gone hunting a couple of times, just things that manage to successfully keep me out of mischief.

Oh yes, we finally got that battle star. Don’t know what the heck good those 5 points will do me though. 52 doesn’t amount to much. Oh well, maybe it’ll make people think I did do something in this war after all.

Theres a party for the officers tomorrow nite. This I’ve got to see. They’ve even promised women, where they’ll get them is beyond me. I’ll probably know better tomorrow nite.

Got another letter from you today. It was the only one I got in this last mail. There wasn’t much, so figured I was lucky to get it. It was mailed Jan. 5. If this mail service here is any good, I should start getting letters through this apo in not the too far distant future.

So McNary says, everybody that saw combat will be home by July. If so, you can drag my swimming trunks out of the moth balls, & expect me then. If they recompute the points I should get home around then, if they go by service I should get home around then & if they go by McNary I’ll still get home then. So look for me in July.

Reckon I best sign off for tonite.

Worlds of love,


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