Dec 23, 1946: Letter From Beryl

54 Nursery Lane


Northampton England


Hello Dick!

It was a very nice surprise to hear from you, & why you should think I would not answer I don’t know. But Im glad your still okay & in good spirits, ours I’m afraid are not so high. Northampton is lost without you Yanks at least the girls are. I’m not married & have no children (thank goodness) & I’m not likely to be married if its an English man I’m supposed to have believe meLetter From Beryl

Dick, they are all ‘WET’. & that’s not kidding. We are hoping it will be I a bit better for Xmas.  They “might” loose a little of their reserve ‘What’ How is life treating you now in Cinny St.? I guess you’re not married  but are you courting?? I was a week ago but I can’t get along with any of them for more than 3 weeks. Joan Bellamy is still as beautiful as ever, & still gets a man (correction) Mate. ahem Well I think I’ll close for now & I hope you have a nice Xmas, & thanks for the card Cheerio Be good.


Mum & Pop said to say Hello .

Did you receive the  Xmas card

Photo of Beryl

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