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Oct. 18, 1944: Ground School and Parachute Lecture

October 18, 1944 EnvelopeOct. 18, 1944

Lt. Richard W. Warren



Dear Mom  & Dad,

Another short note again this noon before I trot off to ground school & parachute lecture. I should have written earlier this week I know but I just don’t seem to be able to get it here.

October 18, 1944 Page 1

They’re finally starting to ship some of us out. Only 7 so far & that was purely on a volunteer basis. Yes, B-29’s. (Keep that strictly under your hat!) No, I’m not one of the ? I just don’t want one of those if I can help it. Just between you & me, I’m holding out for P-47’s out of Selfridge Fld. Hope I’m not too old to fly by the time the  finally give in & send me there. All kidding aside, I still don’t know anything but it looks like it will be heavy bombardment.

Gee why God, I don’t know what to get Sis & Johnnie for Chritmas, nor anybody else for that matter. Did that deadline work for them to ? If so how do I get around it? Do you have any suggestions on what I should get them? In otherwords give me all of the details & dope. What shall I get you folks?

Well, Pop, I’ll say that was fair luck for the first day. Good thing you didn’t have anybody too fast on the trigger with you, or you probably wouldn’t have gotten any. I don’t understand how old Dot keeps going. I really didn’t expect she’d still be with us this year. I hope I can be with you by next season to, but I’m afraid it will likely be two or three.

I’m glad you didn’t call up Diane Mom for I’d rather just let things ride. No, I haven’t heard from her lately. Reckon maybe I would if I answered her letter I got three weeks ago.

Must close now & drop a note to the gal in Little Rock.

Lots of love & good hunting.


War News

The Volkssturm (conscription of all males between age 16 and 60) is created by the Nazi Party on October 18, 1944.

Oct. 9, 1944: Hit the Hay


October 9, 1944 Envelope

Oct. 9, 1944

Lt. Richard W. Warren



Dear Mom & Dad,

A short note tonite before I hit the hay. Am pretty tired, so that won’t be very long now.

My flying at this place is rapidly nearing completion. Just have 4 1/2 hrs. of instruments & I’ll be all done. Flew my 3 hrs. of nite flying Fri. nite & all of my formation today. Continue reading