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Nov. 7, 1944: Listening to Returns

Omer, Mich

Nov 7 1944 9:15 PM.

Dear Edythe Dick and Johnnie!

Well in home the radio on listening to the returns. Dad said he isn’t going to listen very long.November 7, 1944 Letter writtne by Richard Warren while serving in the U.S. Army Air Force

Well lets see Edythe it eight years ago that you were with Auntie & Uncle Robert when there was such a democrat landslide. Does it seem possible its even that long ago?

We did not vote until after supper There were only 214 votes cast in the twp at 7:30 PM. They said your vote was the first one cast Edythe as it got back all ok. I believe Penn allowed two extra weeks to count the service ballots.

We certainly aren’t going to know tomorrow how things are going to be. Course I know right now that Dewey can’t win. How I wish this time I would be wrong.

Bob Unger was sent to Gainesville Ga. Lucky boy Agnes & another girl will be going there as soon as the men find a place for them. They deducted seven days from his furlough and he had spent all of it traveling. Guess he was pretty disgusted.

Wed. Morn. Well I guess we’ll just have to grin & bear it. We likely are the ones that are wrong. Hope the trend towards Roosevelt again wasn’t too much of a shock to you & Edythe. Personally I’m not surprised. Dad has told me I was pessimistic but I sure wasn’t. Dad says to tell you he’s still going to get his butter. Let’s hope so.

Edythe dad says there will be butter on the table when you get home even if he has to buy a goat.. Personally I think it’s the other way. Some one sure has our goat.

I made arrangements for the call Christmas day to come to Rose’s that is as far as Rose is concerned. The ? operator has not called yet.

Dick we will be anxious to know about your teeth. Suppose you will be leaving Tampa this weekend.

The local news is a minus quanity. Joe & Dad are getting along fine. Dad doesn’t mind his work half as much now.

Worlds of love your Mom

What’s Happening

Roosevelt beats Dewey in the 1944 election.


February 10, 1943 Dear Son: A Mother’s Words of Advice


February 10, 1943 envelope

Omer, Mich.

Feb 10, 1943



Dear Son:

You have been in my thoughts a lot since we received your last letter and I have written this letter in my mind a dozen times.

You know I’ve never worried about you very much as I felt you had enough good common sense in your make up to give you the ability to use good judgment. Now I’m wondering if perhaps I should have worried about you a little more or should I feel your letter is telling us your better judgment has again made you “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” as the saying goes. Remember my speaking about that look on your face? That’s what I felt perhaps you needed to do.

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February 8, 1943 Dear Son: A Father’s Words of Advice

feb 8, 1943env_v1Omer, Mich.

Feb. 8, 1943

Dear Son:

I’m going to answer your question about coming home the 17th or evening of the 16th. Of course we need the money to finance your training, pay income tax and other things, but we can manage, I think. If you want to be with us that evening, we will be very happy to have you. Looks as though you might be called soon, so you better figure on coming home for our anniversary.

If your call comes I’ll let you know at once. Don’t worry about that. As for your training, you will have to work, study, and lose sleep as you never have in your life if you realize your ambition to be a pilot. As Andy says, “You will have two strikes on you before you swing at the third,” not having any college training. You might start now taking a little more time with your writing. Don’t lose your head and not keep in good condition.
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