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Mar. 25, 1945: Had a Dream

March 25, 1945 Envelope

Mar. 25, 1945




Dear Mom & Dad,

Well here I am, finally in England. Got in yesterday after pretty much of an uneventful trip. I failed to write you from only one place. That was the place before this one. We weren’t there too long & I had neither the paper nor any place worth a darn to write. Continue reading

March 19, 1945: Going Strong


March 19, 1945 EnvelopeMon. Nite

Mar. 19, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad

Just another short line tonite, so you’ll know I’m still going strong & every thing is running smoothly.

There’s really very little I can say. Censorship is worse than ever. Oh yes, we’ve moved again. It seems that’s all we do. Continue reading