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Aug. 26, 1943 Dear Mom & Dad: Spotter’s Guide


August 26, 1943 EnvelopeAug. 26, 1943




Dear Mom & Dad,

Just another note today, while I’m working very hard, resting on my bunk.

I’m sorry I haven’t written more, but she is taking up a lot of my time, I’ve been off every nite this week so far & will go out again tonite. From the feel of the weather today, I guess we’ll go swimming.

If I remember right I wrote you a letter Sat. nite & another Mon. This is only Thurs., so I’m not doing too bad. Continue reading

August 21, 1943 Dear Mom & Pop: Edythe to Hawaii

Aug. 21, 1943


Dear Mom & Pop,

It seems like I’m a little behind on my letter writing, so here goes.

Some of those pictures turned out pretty good didn’t they.

Are you folks still worried about my getting involved in some of those foreign entanglements? This isn’t anything serious, just something to do while I’m here. She is nice though.

Edythe doesn’t need to expect to hear when she is going to Hawaii. The first she’ll know about it is when she gets on the boat likely. Continue reading