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May 23, 1946 EnvelopeMunich, Germany

May 23, 1946

Dear Mom & Dad,

Don’t bawl me out too much for not writing for I have been pretty darn busy. I’ll likely be even more so in the near future, so my letters will be mighty scarce.

Don’t know whether this is good news or not but I’m definitely leaving these lands, bound for the States before the 15th of June. It won’t be over a couple, three weeks at the most before I’ll be on my way. So if I only get a couple of letters written in that time, don’t raise too much heck witH me. In that regard, don’t write me any more. By the time they’ll get here, I’ll be on my way home, so you can let that pen rest from here on out. Continue reading

May 15, 1946: Tripoli to Rome

May 15, 1946 EnvelopeMay 15, 1946

Dear Mom, & Dad & All,

I know its been quite a while since I last wrote, but you’ll have fo forgive me for I’ve done quite a bit of traveling since then.

I left Tripoli with my crew about 2p.m. the 9th, getting up to Rome about 6 o’clock their time. Stayed there that nite. Next morning I took off but had to return because of gas fumes in the airplane. By the time things were fixed, it was too late to take off.

The next day they wouldn’t clear me because of weather so we stayed another nite. Never did get to see much of the town except the collesium (SP?) & a few old ruins. Little odds & ends seemed to take up most of my time.

Left there the next morning for Lechfeld. Couldn’t land at the home field however because it was closed for repairs. Had to land about 15 miles S. at another field & took a truck from there to Lechfeld. Stayed there that nite & got my orders the next morning for the project I’m on now.May 15, 1946 Page 1

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