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September 7, 1944: Excerpt

September 7, 1944 Handwritten September 7, 1944 Telegram


What’s Happening

Excerpt From Richard W. Warren’s Autobiography

When I returned from my Leave to Moultrie–I got back after dark.  The Base seemed deserted!

Finally found a place to sleep and the next morning, went to see–WHAT NOW??  Nobody knew!!  It was too late for me to catch up with my Group in P-51 School and in the next week, there was talk of sending me to the Air Transport Command (They flew supplies and people wherever they were needed in the world–but I guess that fell thru–so they said, “Take 10 more days Leave.”)   So back on the train, I “hopped” and headed home again!  At least this time bird hunting season was on, so I got some hunting in.  After 10 days–back on the train to Moultrie! Continue reading

Sept. 3, 1944: Little Late

September 3, 1944 Envelope





Sept. 3, 1944


Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a short note again today. Got your letter of the 31st. this morning. I was a little late in getting it because it went to P.G. headquarters first & then back to the Post Hqts.

You two sure seem to do a good job of keeping busy. Does that mean you aren’t on the school board any more. If so that’s one less worry. Have you heard any more about Gerry? Continue reading

Sept 1, 1944: Going Along

September 1, 1944 Envelope





Sept 1, 1944


Dear Mom & Dad,

Another short note again tonite so you’ll know how things are going along.

Feel a little better than I have but I’ll guarantee you it isn’t because I like this place any better than I have previously. Guess I’m just getting kinda used to being back at the old grind again. Continue reading

Aug 30, 1944: Know for Sure


August 30, 1944 Envelope





Aug 30, 1944

Lt. Richard W. Warren

Dear Mom & Dad,

A short note tonite, so that you’ll know for sure that I’m back.

Got in Moultrie about 6 o’clock & came right on out to the post. Rick & a few of the other guys are gone. Went to the air transport command a couple of days before I got back. I was supposed to go to. Never was so mad in my life for that is what I’ve always wanted. Continue reading

Aug. 14, 1944: Excerpt


aug14 1944telegram envelopeAugust 14, 1944 Telegram

What’s Happening

Excerpt From Richard Warren’s Autobiography

 I finally got my 10 hours in–and it was time to be shipped on to Fighter School.   I was scheduled to go to fly P-51’s–exactly what I wanted!!    Guess what??  “You haven’t taken your two week Leave yet–and you have to take it!!”   So they took me off the list to go fly P-51’s and cut my orders for 2 weeks of Leave!!   I know I went home–but I don’t remember too much about that trip except that was when I became a Master Mason–they had to get a special dispensation from the Grand Lodge and I took my 3 Degrees in 10 days.  There is a lot of remembering to do in each of the degrees–Dad wouldn’t let me “off”.  He made me remember and recite it all!   I now have my 50 year pin!!

August 20, 1944 telegram envelope

August 20, 1944 telegram

August 31, 1944 is the next letter.

War News

August 25, 1944: The LIberation of Paris.