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Mar. 22, 1943 Dear Mom & Dad: 10 Packages of Cigarettes from Anna

March 22, 1943 EnvelopeMar. 22, 1943

Miami Beach, Fla.



Dear Mom & Dad,

Got your letter of the 19th today so will write a note in reply.

I don’t know why I never got my transportation money except they said to forget about it. What can I do? I forget about it.

I sent my papers back to the A.C. yesterday so I guess maybe I should hear a little more about the $80. Continue reading

Mar 21, 1943 Dear Mom & Dad: Signed Payroll for $30

Mar 21, 1943 EnvelopeMarch 21, 1943

Miami Beach, Fla.



Dear Mother and Dad,

Don’t you think that story you wrote about the fog a little far- fetched? I sure am glad you sent me Dick’s address. I’m afraid it is too late though, for I got a letter from the Greek yesterday & she said he was going to the Army tomorrow.

I wrote him last night anyway hoping the letter will catch him soon.

I signed the payroll last night for another $30, so when I get that I will have my original capital again. I didn’t get my transportation money to Detroit & I doubt if I ever do. Continue reading

Mar. 20, 1943 Dear Sis: Bootlegging Gas?

March 20, 1943 Envelope to EdytheMarch 20, 1943

Miami Beach, Fla.



Dear Sis,

Received another of your nice letters tonite so will try to drop a few lines in reply.

It is now 8:30 p.m. & I have till 11:00 before I must be in bed.

When you ride alone you ride with Hitler

To learn more about rationing click on the poster. NARA

Do you think that picking up hitch-hikers really relieves the minds of people for bootlegging gas? I myself am rather inclined to agree with you.

You know they say small children are usually correct, so Harry may have been right about that cute little fruit basket or whatever, it was you had on your head.

I was delighted to get your pictures & will keep them with the ones mother sent. My pictures are supposed to be finished Mon. so will collect them & send one to you as soon as possible.

Continue reading

Mar. 17, 1943 Dear Mom & Dad: Send Cookies Soon!

March 17, 1943 envelope to parents

March 17, 1943

Miami Beach, Fla.



Dear Mom & Dad,

Well two more letters of yours have I to answer. It sure seems swell to get approximately one letter a day from you.

Those snap shots didn’t turn out bad did they? As you probably know by now I’ve had my picture taken. I’m getting them this Mon. I’m getting two large & 9 small ones. I think that is sufficient don’t you?

That K.P. duty sure was a long one & you had to keep washing till the last one. By the way I’m on K.P. again tomorrow. OH me! I’m requsted. Continue reading

Mar. 17, 1943 Dear Sis: One More Week of Basic Training

March 17, 1943 Envelope to EdytheMarch 17, 1943

Miami Beach, Fla.



Dear Sis,

Here I have two letters before me I have received from you in the last two days so am answering them.

You don’t need to worry about my mopping; I can do an A-1 job of it. Besides I go on K.P. at 3:00 this morning again. That makes twice in the last few days. Continue reading