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Apr. 19, 1944: Spare Moments

April 19, 1944 EnvelopeApr. 19, 1944




Dear Mom & Dad,

Was unable to write the last couple of nites, so while I have a few spare moments this afternoon, had better drop a line.

I understand why that card didn’t get here. They really have a mixed up mess for getting the mail to the boys around here.April 19, 1944 Page 1

Flew for 4 hrs. & 20 min. yesterday morning & then put in 2 hrs. & 50 min. last nite. Finished up for the day, at 1 A.M. this morning. It was too foggy today or else we would have finished up our last inst. x-country. Still have 2 hrs. of nite flying to go yet & will likely finish that Thurs. nite.

You see on this instrument x-countries, 2 of us cadets team up & the guy in the front seat, takes off & lands the plane & the guy in the back is supposed to fly the rest of the time on instrument. The ship they gave us for our x-country yesterday, didn’t have any instruments in it (Those you need for inst. flying) so we just fooled around the countryside. We went up to Perryville on one trip, illegally of course. Looked over McBride, Chester to of course.

Man was it ever dark flying around last nite. It was a good thing I had instruments in the ship or else I’d have probably flown with one wing down all of the time. You couldn’t pick out a horizon to save your soul. That’s a funny thing around flying instruments. You make a turn & then roll out & you’ll swear your were still turning. That’s one time you have to depend on your instruments & not on the seat of your pants, so to speak.

Still haven’t found out where I’m going but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was twin-engine instead of single. A lot of the boys by one means or another have found out where they’re going & a heck of a lot of them that asked for single got twin. I’m praying they don’t play the same thing on me.

You seem to have had a pretty good time on your trip. I’ll bet Chuck is having a swell time for himself.

Darn, now it’s me that can’t remember when I was going to call you. Anyway, it will likely be Fri. nite. Whatever I said before, unless it was the same, will be out. Fri. nite, somewhere between 7:30 & 10:00. Roger

I’m beginning to have hopes now that I might be able to fly someday. It just dawned on me, that ordinarily a guy doesn’t get this far unless he can maneuver that plane around somewhat.

Did I tell you about that forced stage we shot? Boy that’s fun. You feel pretty good when you can set that ship down in a space about 50 ft. wide & 200 ft. long, when you had to cut your throttle wherever you were at the time he called you. We had more space to land than mentioned above that is as far as length is concerned but to be right, that was where the ship was to land.

There doesn’t seem to be any more news for now, so I’ll close this & will try to tell you more Fri. nite.

Worlds of love,


What’s Happening

Excerpt from Richard Warren’s Autobiography

We had between 30 and 40 percent of the class “washed out”–too much plane to handle– couldn’t fly formation–instruments or at nite–or what have you.  In addition, three others were killed in crashes!  This was also where they decided if you had the ability to fly fighter planes or would be sent to Twin-engine Advance–to eventually fly Bombers—–I was being sent to Moultrie, Ga., to fly the AT-6 (Single engine) and exactly what I wanted!!!! That’s the good news!  

War News

Operation Cockpit:  A multinational Allied attack of the Japanese occupied port of Sabang.

Apr. 16, 1944: 4th Time

April 16, 1944 EnvelopeApr. 16, 1944




Dear Mom & Dad,

As was yours of the 14th, this also will be short. Was supposed to fly tonite & finish that up, but again it was called off. That makes about the 4th straight time.April 16, 1944 Page 1

Sure was glad to hear that Chuck is home again. I’ll bet that was quite a surprise. Doggone it, why doesn’t he always have to come home, when there is no possible chance of me getting there. I’ll bet he was disgusted. Why in the heck didn’t he hitch hike? By gol, I would have.

Darn right I’m enjoying those cookies. But did you have to, shall we say, make the edges of them dark brown again? I’ll forgive you this time for they’re so good otherwise. I have a little news for you; I think you might like to hear. Passed my instrument check today. Whew! Is that a load off of my mind. Got a hunch, the only reason I did was because there are just 269 shopping days left till Christmas. Well, something like that. Now all I have left is just to finish up my time. All I have left is just 4 hrs. of instrument x-country besides my nite flying.

I’m sending a picture of a guy I met the other day. Do you know him? Looks kinda familiar to me.

Had a forced landing stage yesterday & what a mess. We were to circle the field at 2000 ft. & he would say, “ 206, forced landing” as soon as he did that, you had to cut your throttle & land in front of him on the runway. Oh my Dod! Another sqdn. was shooting a x-wind stage over there to, so we had to landing x-wind to boot. Some instructor, instead of having his radio on interphone had it on radio & he was explaining all about the magnetic compass. I finally picked up my mike & said “We know all about that magnetic compass, so put it on interphone & dry up.” The boys got a big kick out of that. Luckily & of course I know, there’s no way to trace who said that.

No more news for tonite so.

Worlds of love


P.S. They finally called off the stage.

War News

April 16, 1944: The Fifth Air Force suffers heavy losses on Black Sunday.

Apr. 14, 1944: Ever Catch Up

April 14, 1944 EnvelopeApr. 14, 1944




Dear Mom & Dad,

Oh me! Oh my! I’m only 18 letters behind times now. Do you think I’ll ever catch up again? I doubt it. Other than Diane, I guess I owe about everyone a letter. Had some very nice birthday cards too. Also had a swell letter from Nancy this last time. Continue reading

4-10-44: Having Good Time

April 10, 1944 Envelope4-10-44




Dear Mom & Dad,

I’ve been sadly neglecting my writing again so think I’d better get at it. This time it wasn’t because of flying but rather having myself a good time because of none.

No, I didn’t mean I heard the conversation between the cadet & inst. in that accident but afterwards when they were trying to find out what ship it was & also directing the ambulance to the scene. You see they have a radio ambulance & a plane directs them to the scene of the crash.

I’ll be looking for those cookies. You know I’ll enjoy those more than anything you could have bought. I’m not so sure they’ll be good for me. Do you know I weigh 164# now? Ye Gads! I’ll have to go on a diet pretty soon. Can’t figure out where I’ve added it on. May be the scales are wrong. I weighed myself on 2 or 3 of them though & they all told the same story. Don’t worry my chest hasn’t slipped yet, still have my 28 in. waist line. They’ve been running the a_ _ off of me, so you see why I’m puzzled where it is.

Rick & I went out Sat. nite & proceeded to get ourselves mildly plastered. Nothing disgusting just enough so that we could forget our worries for a while. Sun. we went over to a neighboring town & picked up a couple of girls he knew. Had a pretty fair time.

I thought we were going to be late getting back in for a while. We were 9 miles from the base & only ten minutes to go. We were late, but not enough so that it made any difference.

Had Easter cards from Grandma & Aunt Myrtle, both of which were very nice. I as usual, didn’t send any.

It rained off & on today so we didn’t fly. They called it for tonite so we don’t have to fly tonite either. The same thing happened Sat. nite.

Was told today we had to be all through a week from my birthday. It won’t be long now. Finish ground school tomorrow & then I guess we’ll fly all day. Inst. says he’ll finish up pretty well up this week. No more news now so.

Worlds of love,