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WW2 Autobiography of Richard W. Warren

Richard W. Warren

Richard W. Warren

Excerpt from Autobiography of Richard W. Warren

This must have been in the early part of 1942, for I had already registered for the Draft  and we were in WWII!!   I think how I found out about Pearl Harbor is worth telling!  I’d gone down to Ann Arbor to see Doug, — Doug and a friend of his, down there, on the Sunday  morning of Dec. 7,  1941, had arranged a  “strip-poker” party, with three girls( all good looking) at one of the girls place.(Her parents were out of town)!!  The  “game” was going  pretty good–I think I had lost–maybe a shoe and sock—but the girls were essentially down to bra and panties, when Doug’s friend reached over and turned on the radio!!

I’m sure History tells you what we heard!!  Naturally, that broke up the “poker” game and I haven’t played strip poker since!!!—Don’t want to start WWIII!!!

USS West Virginia Pearl Harbor NARA

USS West Virginia December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor. Click on the photo to learn more about Pearl Harbor.

Some time in 1942, the War Department–no Pentagon then–lowered the requirement for getting in the Aviation Cadets from at least 2 years of College to just a High School diploma.  As I knew that it was just a matter of a short time before I would be drafted, I volunteered for the Cadets. Passing their preliminary exams for academics and physical.

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