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Mar. 9, 1945: Auto-pilots

March 8, 1945 Envelope

Friday Noon

Mar. 9, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

Its seems as though things are finally getting under way. These auto-pilots are wonderful things. Here we are breezing through the air, nobody flying the ship manually & I sit here writing letters. Lyle intends to get his paper & pencil out soon.Mar. 9, 1945 Page 1

This darn day makes me disgusted. Here’s the time to get a chance to really look around & see a lot of places I’ve never come in contact with before & whats this ”darn” weather like. No, there’s no clouds, but its so darn hazy you can’t see over 2 miles. I rather imagine it’ll keep better as we work our way along.

It’s nice & warm in this cockpit now but I’ve got my jacket all set to put on for rather think it might get chilly before the day is over.

Just passing over a few fluffy clouds, the first we’ve run into since we got under motion. Expect them to last for 150 or 200 miles. They didn’t last as long as I thought only about 50 instead. Still this cussed hazy weather out, never saw it much worse.

As you see by the address, I have an APO now. Write to that immediately & it shouldn’t be too long before some of it catches up to me.

I think I’ll get me a bite to eat now & finish this later. Am also going to start one to Diane. If time permits, will get several of them started.

Next morning: Well we arrived at our first stop o.k. These rebels think its beautiful. Looks natural & just like home to me.

Don’t know how long we’ll be here. Probably not too long. I’ve got more cussed equipment than I know what to do with. Should know the time of day now. Have two watches.

Will close this now so I can get it mailed.

Lots of love,


March 9, 1945 Change of Address


March 10, 1945 Change of Address

War News

March 9, 1945: The U.S. drops 2000 tons of incendiary bombs over Tokyo.


Mar. 8, 1945: This Country

March 8, 1945 Envelope

Thurs. Evening

Mar. 8, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

Don’t know just exactly what to say tonite. It’s rather a problem in more ways than one. First I don’t dare say too much & secondly really haven’t figured out yet just how to say what I can.

This, I certain beyond much doubt, will be the last letter you’ll receive from me from this part of the country, for possibly quite some time. It rather looks like they mean it from here on out. I’m sitting here now with a-45 cal. revolver, in a shoulder holster, around my neck. I don’t reckon I’ll have it long. The part of the country I’m heading for they don’t kill quite all of them. Continue reading

Mar. 6, 1945: 17th Day

Mar. 6, 1945 Envelope

Mar. 6, 1945




Dear Sis & Johnnie,

Just a short note before I go into town. Think I’ll have to crawl in on all fours for I’m really stiff & sore. Took P.T, wrestled, played soft ball for two hrs. & bowled last nite. That was the first exercise I had done in a month & I guess it was almost too much. Continue reading

Mar. 4, 1945: “hot” again

March 4, 1945 Page 1

Sunday Noon

Mar. 4, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

Yes, I’m still here. Here I’ve thought every day that we would leave the next, for the last week. Have a hunch we’re pretty “hot” again & doubt very seriously if we last over 3 days at the most.

I guess theres no doubt in your mind now that they wouldn’t let our crew member into the hospital. I think I should go there myself this afternoon, played softball a couple of days ago & it’s just now catching up to me. Then I’ve been doing a lot of walking & dancing lately & all in all I’m lucky to be able to move at al today. Continue reading

Feb 28, 1945: Grand Party

February 28, 1945 Envelope

Third Air Force

Feb 28, 1945



Dear Sis & Johnnie,

Now wait a minute, don’t shout! Give me a fighting chance anyway. Guess I haven’t written for a really long time this time I did move though & have been pretty darn busy. So much so, I didn’t get a chance to write the folks for nearly two weeks.

From all reports I got, I  guess the party was a grand success. I imagine you will have learned from the folks & Mar. & Myrtle by the time you get this. Continue reading