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February 5, 1945: Rainy Afternoon

Febrauary 5, 1945 Envelope

Monday Afternoon

February 5, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

It’s a nice first rainy afternoon with nothing to disturb me from writing except the radio blaring & the boys shooting craps in the next  room.

Have three letters of  yours to answer again. The one with the pictures from Sis, one with those papers & the one today. Continue reading

Jan. 29, 1945: Six Letters

January 29, 1945 Envelope

Monday Nite

Jan. 29, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

I don’t think I’ve written since I sent those pictures. I have six of your letters here to answer, two of which I got today. Do you want me to send Chucks’s letter back? I imagine you do, so I’ll try to remember to enclose it in this letter.

Are you sure Dad that I don’t have to pay any income tax. I thought I’d have to pay on that $325 anyway. Check on that & make sure will you.

Our Navigator, Bombadier & Armorer Gunner are married. Five of us are single. That is 4 besides myself. I think my pilot or Wade would be (married), but he himself admits he’s too young. Continue reading

Jan. 21, 1945: Settled Down

January 21, 1945 Envelope

Sunday Evening

Jan. 21, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad,

Its been several days since I’ve written but here I am at last, settled down in barracks, writing letters.

You folks have really been doing a job of writing this last week. It seems nice to have a letter every time I go to my mail box. I really don’t know how I get so far behind on my writing but I owe everybody letters again. Say before I forget it. What is Lauras address? Wrote her a letter the other nite & find out I’ve lost her address now. Continue reading

Jan. 13, 1945: Between Classes

January 13, 1945

Jan. 13, 1945




Dear Mom & Dad,

I’m starting this letter while I have a few minutes between classes & will make an attempt to finish it tonite.

Received the two quarters today & would like to know if there is something else I can say that will pay off with such handsome dividends. Oh yes, Thank you.January 13, 1945 Page 1

I saw “Winged Victory” the other nite, you know that picture I want you to see. I think you’ll rather enjoy it but being through it all myself, didn’t care for it too much. Two important things I noticed they left out. One is they didn’t show that first solo flight. Another, for the general public, they seemed to create the impression that no one washed out after getting through classification.

I take it Mother you did none too well on that income tax. You have the consolation anyway in knowing you’re not the only one.

Yes, I did get a letter from Johnnie a few days ago. A very nice one to. Also had a letter & my sweater from Marty. I hope I get the chance & don’t feel too sleepy to answer those letters  & soon.

Feel pretty good at present, just took a shower & shave. Now if I didn’t have to get up at 2:30 in the morning, I’d probably get some of those letters answered. Got that card to send to Harry Frank, will send it out in the morning.

Will you tell Grandma that I wish her a very happy Brithday & will write the first chance I get.

Can’t say I liked that cigarette shortage “ thing,”period!!!

Nope I’ve never dropped Scarbors a line, something else I’ve got to do.

Those pictures turned out darn good didn’t they. I really enjoyed looking them over, especially those that showed at least a little of the place. Those were some darn good pictures of the dogs too. The boys thought that was a darn nice looking dog in that picture that Sally was sitting on the back of the car.

I suppose we’ll have to go up to high altitude again tomorrow. Darn I get a little more disgusted with this big iron bird every time I go up. It’s jsut not my idea of flying. Don’t think I told you, I shot landings & take offs in it the other day. Didn’t do too bad, they were all safe anyway.

I should be able to get those pictures of mine about Tues. I’ll warn you now, they’re none too good but they aren’t bad. It’s rather a queer pose, but thought you might like it for a change. Get those deer hunting pictures as soon as you can. Would like to see them before I leave this country.

I thought I wrote who was in our air crew, if not here they are. Pilot, Lyle Wade from Greensboro N.C., C.P. “me”, Mich., Navigator Byron Smith, Louisiana, Bombardier, Don Proue, Michigan, Engineer & Top turret gunner, Kandarian, from California, Radio operator & left waist gunner, not sure where he’s from, Ball turret gunner, Weibel, think he’s from Texas. R. waist gunner, Marlowe, from Texas, Tail gunner, Phillips, from Calif. a good gang but inclined to forget a little military courtesy now & then.

I wish I could talk to you Pop & find out again, a few important things I should remember about the lodge. Is it proper, should I meet a member, to ask him! Please let me know.

I’m going to try to write Nancy yet tonite so will close.

Lots of love,


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