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Richard Warren Receives Notice to Report for Induction

Excerpt from Richard Warren Autobiography

Richard Warren in civilian clothes

Richard Warren with his father February 1943 before Induction

Some time in Feb. 1943, I received notice to report for induction at Detroit on Feb 18, 1943 and don’t bring anything you can’t carry easily on your back! I reported on time–but prior to being sworn-in,–was asked for my clearance from my draft board, by the Sgt. in charge. I didn’t have any!! He finally said, “Hell, we’ll swear you in anyway, for the worse they can do is put you in the Service–and that’s where you’ll be!” So he did and within a short time, I was on the train for Miami Beach, Fl.

If I recall right, we were sworn in one day, but didn’t catch the train until the next morning, for I remember the Folks going to the Detroit Depot with me. As we were standing there waiting for the train to leave, I could see that Dad wanted to say something to me privately–so we move over a little, so that we were by ourselves. Dad said ” I want to tell you about–uh– about,uh –you know– uh–wom— be careful!!” My one and only “lecture” from my Dad, on Women & Sex!! Within a month or two, I was “drafted”, but as the notices went to my old address in Flint–and they didn’t know where I was–the Draft Board got a little “testy” by the time I found out. The Service must have straightened their records out, for I didn’t spend any time in the “jug”, for not reporting for duty!

The next letter written will  be February 19, 1943; it will be posted February 19,  2014. 
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February 6, 1943 Flint, Michigan/Orders For Duty?

feb 6, 1943 env

Flint, Michigan

Feb. 6, 1943

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well another weekend is here again. As you stated in your letter I’m working 7 days a week again. I cleared $60.34 last week & should clear about $62 this week. I make $70.72 but that’s all that is left afterwards.

I would like very much to come up the 17 but am undecided about it. It will cost me $16 in wages lost alone. Please write back and tell me what you and Dad think about it. Continue reading