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June 28, 1943 Dear Mom & Dad: Safe and Sound

June 28, 1943 EnvCleveland, Ohio

June 28, 1943

U.S. Air Forces


Dear Mom & Dad,

Another line to let you know I arrived safe & sound.

I got here in Cleveland a 7:00 AM sharp & was out here at the campus by 7:30.

This day is finally over; I even have my physics lab done. It only took about an hour to do it. tonite.

I’m darn tired now though for I only got about an hour of sleep last nite. Continue reading

June 22, 1943 Dear Mom & Dad: Pass O.K.’d by C.O.

June 22, 1943 EnvelopeCleveland, Ohio

June 22, 1943



Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line to let you know how things are going.

I’ve put in for my pass already, starting at 11:00 Sat. morn. It has passed by the tactical officer already & is now down being O.K.’d by the C.O. Continue reading

June 16, 1943 Dear Mom & Dad: Detroit Fri. Nite

June 16, 1943 EnvCleveland, Ohio

June 16, 1943



Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line to let you know what I know tonite. What I think you’re most interested in is this.

I get a pass from 12:00 o’clock noon Fri.-June 25th till 8: 00 o’clock Mon. morning June 28th.

I’ll be in Detroit around 8:00 o’clock Fri. nite so you folks be there. I’ll try to write more particulars later rather the start of next week.

If you don’t hear any more from me, you come on down to Detroit & stop at Anna’s for I’ll let them know the full details. Continue reading

June 14, 1943 Dear Mom & Dad: Flight Lieutenant

June 8, 1943 EnvCleveland, Ohio

June 14, 1943



Dear Mom & Dad,

My letters are certainly getting few & far between aren’t they.

I said I was busy before didn’t I? Well I’m still busier yet now. I’ve been made Flight Lieutenant of flight F 1, which is the no. 1 flight of the detachment. We have an entirely new schedule for everything.

I’m out at the airport now waiting for my last flight which is a check flight. I don’t know if I’ll make the grade of a flier or not. My marks are neither good nor bad; I guess I have an average for my flying of about 82. Continue reading

June 8, 1943 Dear Mom & Dad: 4 1/2 Hours in the Air

June 8, 1943 Env Cleveland, Ohio

June 8, 1943



Dear Mom & Dad

A line this morning while I’m waiting for my next flight.

As for my pass, if I get one at the end of my flying, it will be the last week -end in June.

I have 4 1/2 hours in the air now & seemed to be doing a little better this morning. My coordination was better but I didn’t look around enough. Continue reading