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Mar. 5, 1946: Gazelle Meat Tender


March 5, 1946 EnvelopeMellaha Fld., Tripoli

Mar. 5, 1946

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well I finally got caught up on answering all of yours letters, so once again I’m writing on my own.

I’m laying out here at present, busily engaged in taking a sun bath. The wind is slightly cool but at least the suns good & warm. According to weather, this is about the only place around here the sun is really shining today, hence no flying. I was scheduled to go up if there was any. Am almost rid of my cold so it probably wouldn’t have bothered me too much.

Those pictures were taken a couple of days ago. Mout & I printed them yesterday. Took some more of Tripoli yesterday but as yet haven’t gotten around to developing them.

That gazelle meat I had the other nite was really good. Tender enough so that you could cut it with a fork. Tasted  about like the breast of a duck. Don’t think I’ll get a chance to hunt them, not for a while anyway for transportation is nil at present.March 5, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading

Mar. 3, 1946: Going to Be the Old Bachelor


March 3, 1946Mar. 3, 1946

Mellaha Fld., Tripoli

Dear Mom & Dad,

I’ll get a short note off here, so I can send this other $50 money order on its way. He did open up the P.O. for about 15 minutes yesterday & luckily I happened along at that time.

Took some pictures yesterday. Seemingly, they turned out pretty swell. Just developed the negatives a while ago. Likely will print the pictures tomorrow. I’m glad they turned out so good. Had come to the conclusion that this cheap box camera of mine was no good, but evidently its just been the way I’ve been taking them.

Just another fairly warm hazy day again today. Too much haze & an occasional cloud, so we can’t take pictures it’s o.k. by me, I’m not complaining. Hope I can get the boys to play a little ball this afternoon, need a little exercise again. Continue reading

March 2, 1946: Have to Have 42 Months Active Service


March 2, 1946 EnvelopeMarch 2, 1946

Mellaha Fld., Tripoli

Dear Mom & Dad,

Another nice day & seeing as theres nothing scheduled guess I’ll drop you another line. The way your letters have been coming through lately, I’ve gotten way behind again even though I’ve been writing regularly. Got those of yours of the 18th & 20th of Feb yesterday.

I still have this darn cold in my nose. It doesn’t seem to get any better or any worse. All I seem to be accomplishing with it, is in using beaucoup handkerchiefs.

As you’ve already noticed, theres no $50 money order in this letter. This darn post office only seems to be open when they get good & ready. It’ll probably be three or four days before I get the other $50 off to you.March 2, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading

Feb. 28, 1946: Arnie’s Death


February 28, 1946 EnvelopeFeb. 28, 1946

Mellaha Fld. , Tripoli

Dear Mom & Dad,

Have a couple three more letters of yours to answer so best I get one written. Got one here yesterday that  had been missent to another apo (Feb. 7th) & then two in the afternoon from Lechfeld, old ones 14th & 23rd of Jan. Just got two more a few minutes ago (12th & 15th of Feb.).

It really a warm day out. Very much like an early summer one. Same way yesterday. It’s really too hot for these greens & pinks we have to wear. Don’t imagine they’ll allow us to wear sun tans till around the middle of April.Just got paid a few hrs. ago. If I remember it, will enclose a $50 money order in this letter. Will send 50 more in the next letter. It really costs quite a bit more to live around here than it did in Germany. I’d guess I spend about $45 a month for food alone. Fact is, I can’t figure out just where the money does go. Don’t reckon I should worry as long as I save $200 a month.

Nobody flew today. First time thats happened for about a week. I flew both yesterday & the day before taking pictures. You can imagine about what a job it is trying to find out whether you’re on course on these flight lines on the desert. Thank goodness I only do the flying. Knowing whether we’re on course or not on the flight lines is up to the bombardier.February 28, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading

Feb. 26, 1946: Thinking About Going to College


February 26, 1946 EnvelopeFeb. 26, 1946

Mellaha, Tripoli

Dear Mom & Dad,

Think I’ll see if I can get a short line off to you before supper. For a change, I don’t have one of your letters to answer. That hasn’t happened for quite a while.

Flew for a while again today. Just a little over 4 hrs. Taking pictures of course. Thats the first I’ve been up since I came back from Cairo. I imagine we’ll soon be flying more & more, for this weather is starting to turn for the better.

I have practically a new crew now. Only one camera man that came down with me, is still flying with me. Thats Phillips one of my own boys. Have Jim Middledorf for co-pilot now & H.K. Smith & Schrader for navigator. Have a p.f.c. for radio operater, a new boy O.S. as you can tell by his rank. As you know, Jim was back at Gulfport with me & so was H.K. Smith. I wanted Jim to fly with me because the 1st pilot he has had, hasn’t been giving him much time at the controls. I was surprised myself about how little he knew about flying one of these stripped down B-17’s.February 26, 1946 Page 1

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