Arnie Weinrich



Richard W. Warren on the left and Arnold A. Weinrich on the right

Left to Right: Richard W. Warren and Arnold A. Weinrich at McBride January 1944

As you read my father’s letters and stories, you will see the name Arnie/Arnold at least 60 times.  In 1991, my father’s letters were discovered in his sister’s garage. Dad, later, had the letters sent to my house in Illinois. As Dad and I were reading the letters, I asked him about Arnie and his whereabouts.

Very rarely did I see my father cry. He wept when he spoke of my mother’s passing and also, when he spoke of Arnie. . . Arnie  and  my father were together  from the very beginning of their service in the Army Air Force. They met on the train going from Michigan to Miami Beach, Florida. These two friends spent a lot of time together on and off base. They  shared a room together, exchanged hunting stories, dated sisters, bowled, and of course they loved to fly.

Separated during their training in February of 1944. Arnie went on to Twin Engine Advance at Maxwell Field, Alabama. Dad went on to Single Engine, to fly the AT-6, in Moultrie, Georgia. Letters were written back and forth for a while and then  the letters stopped. Dad began to worry something happened to Arnie.

It had been close to fifty years since my father had even thought of Arnie but time had erased some of the facts about Arnie. He couldn’t recall Arnie’s last name. He thought it was something like Weisenbaum. Nor could I locate a last name by  searchIing in his transcribed letters. I promised Dad if I ever published his letters and discovered more information on Arnie, I would dedicate the book to Arnie.

It has taken me years to discover Arnie’s last name. I would like to thank Dr. Vivian Rogers-Price from The  Museum Of The Mighty Eighth Air Force, in Savannah, Georgia, for her assistance in locating Arnie’s last name……Weinrich. I knew from the letters, Arnie lived in Reed City and that his mother had passed-on many years ago, leaving just his father. Upon Dr. Vivian’s advice, I searched for all  the Arnolds in Michigan. The search pulled up 26 pages but only one page with last names beginning in the Ws. I found a Arnold A. Weinrich from Otsego County, Michigan. I further learned that Reed City is located in Otsego. Once again, I searched Dad’s letters but this time for “Weinrich.” Eureka!!! Following is the letter of March 24, 1944. Weinrich is mentioned in the  second sentence of  paragraph two.March 24, 1944 Page 1

After learning Weinrich was his last name, I found much more information about Arnie.  He flew the Liberator(B-24) as a co-pilot in the 467th BG 791st BS and was missing in action on November 9, 1944.

Following is some of the information from the Missing Air Crew Report # 11063

9th November 1944: (Reconnaissance Mission)

Re: Three men listed as Both K.I.L.O.D. and MIA on this date. Following a weather recon. for the days mission, Capt. Marvin M. Paul, 791st BS, was injured in a crash-landing at Woodbridge. Over the North Sea his ship ran into a violent storm and spun down almost to sea level before control was regained. Three men who had managed to bail out were never found.

F/O Arnold A. Weinrich, Co-pilot

T/Sgt. Raymond V. Allen, Radio Operator

T/Sgt. Lyle M. Ostrander, Engineer

Cambridge, England

Click on the following to see the memorial dedicated to Arnold A. Weinrich in the Cambridge American Cemetery.


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