Jan. 28, 1946: Hunting Doves


Janaury 28, 1946 EnvelopeJan. 28, 194


Dear Mom & Dad,

While everything is nice & quiet will see if I can’t get a note written this afternoon. It’s neither warm nor cold out, more like an early fall day than anything. It was cold & rainy yesterday, so I spent the time writing a letter or two, playing ping-pong & going to the movies.

Still haven’t flown down here yet. I guess its always cloudy where were supposed to take pictures. Thats o.k. by me. They should have my ship in darn good shape by the time I finally do fly.

Saw a U.S.A. show here a couple of nites ago. The first one I’ve seen since I’ve been O.S. Those American women still look darn good to me. Brought up morale another 10 %.

Haven’t done a darn thing today. january 28, 1946 Page 1

That nite: Well that time I hadn’t done anything, but at that moment somebody mentioned that somebody was going hunting, so off I went. As I found out, theres nothing but doves & ducks around here. Those no. 8 shot we were using wouldn’t touch the ducks, so we came back with 9 doves. Who shot them? You know you can depend on me. Got 6 out of 9. The boys thought I was some sharp shooter. Don’t think the major enjoyed it too much. I know of 4 I dropped right from under his gun barrel. You know how we hunt, first come first served. So I guess we’ll have dove dinner tomorrow. We’re going to see if we can scare some #4 shot & go after those ducks. They’re mallards & boy are some of them big.

Went to another show again tonite. A pretty good one. The first one I’ve seen in a long time that didn’t have any soldiers in it. Guess it must have been kinda old. Looked good to me though.

Just got back from the club after a drink & a few games of ping-pong. Came out 50-50 on that. Won 6 & lost 6 for the nite.

The mail plane came in again today. Strangely, there was no letter from you. Got one from Sis though & one from the gal in St. Louis. She really writes a swell letter.

Guess I’ll resign for tonite. No flying again tomorrow so I hear. Think we’ll be taking a trip to some underground city about 50 miles south of here, in the morning. Nite.

Worlds of love,


What’s Happening

Another of my “spare time” occupations was Dove hunting.  There were a lot of doves, but no other game bird or animal in that immediate area, so I’d check out a shotgun and some shells and walked the adjacent citrus groves and fields near the Air Base.

Doves are not the easiest birds to hit –they rise, just like most birds do–but about the time you get your gun up and ready to fire–they’ll usually fold their wings and drop and start to zig-zag.  Once you learn their habits, you’ll start to hit a few of them.

I’d made arrangements with the cook, for a Squab dinner whenever I got any, and I found that it took about 3 for a meal, so I’d usually quit, after I’d gotten that many.  There didn’t seem to be any other hunters in our group, so I usually hunted alone–I’d usually eat alone too, unless I’d been lucky and got 5 or 6–then I’d invite one of my buddies to eat with me. 


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