Oct. 31, 1945: Hunting Partridge


October 31, 1945 EnvelopeOct. 31, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium



Dear Mom & Dad,

Well I got your first letter telling about hunting, on this the last day of the season. Strange as it is, this was also my first day of hunting.

Went out around the airfield here. Put up 3 or 4 pheasants but they were all out of range. I’m hunting with skeet shot #8’s, so they really have to be close if I’m going to get them.October 31, 1945 Page 1

Did get two partridge, thats what they call them over here anyway. They’re a combination between quail, pats & prairie chicken. They’re found in the fields like quail & prairie chicken & they also fly in flocks as they do. They’re between the size of a pat or a quail & seem to have dark meat. They’re just about as wild as prairie chickens to. So Pop, you’re not the only one that had a little success on the first days hunt.

I really enjoyed that letter on your first days hunting Dad. It made me feel almost as though I was there hunting with you. I could see Muggsy pointing that rooster without half trying. I’ve seen him do it many times.

I don’t know whether you were serious or kidding when you said you wouldn’t sell him for $500 but regardless, he’s not for sale at any price. Don’t you think we ought to start seeing if we couldn’t get a pup from him. He’s getting along in years & isn’t going to be with us too many more seasons.

I’ll never make it home for deer season & the chances are you may not even get this letter before you go to the island but anyway, just make sure you get your own buck for a change, forget mine.

It looks like we’re going to have a little foggy spell here now. It was as thick as fleas on a dog when I woke up this morning & didn’t break at all till this afternoon. Its closing in again tonite. The weather report says the birds will be walking tomorrow. Maybe I can catch one on the ground huh.

I did fly yesterday. It was scrubbed till the afternoon. We were supposed to take pictures of the French coast just opposite Dover. Darned if the only clouds in the sky weren’t right there. Flew around for a couple of hrs. & came on back.

Have to take another code check tomorrow morning. As usual, that’ll be a pain in the neck.

Think I’ll sign off for tonite. About time for me to hit the sack. Nite

Lots of love,



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