Mar. 25, 1945: Had a Dream

March 25, 1945 Envelope

Mar. 25, 1945




Dear Mom & Dad,

Well here I am, finally in England. Got in yesterday after pretty much of an uneventful trip. I failed to write you from only one place. That was the place before this one. We weren’t there too long & I had neither the paper nor any place worth a darn to write.March 25, 1945 page 1 Letter written by Dick Warren, co-pilot of a b-17, during WWII

I said uneventful trip but that wasn’t exactly what I meant. Merely that nothing went wrong. A lot of things took place & all in all I enjoyed it pretty much except when we were moving. Just didn’t get enough sleep then.

Got over here with more money than I started with, so evidently had fair luck at the dime poker we played. Have this English money all figured out already so maybe I’ll get by.

Over slept this afternoon & didn’t get any supper. Man oh man am I hungry now. To make it worse, while I was over sleeping, had a dream that had me sweating blood, it was so darn realistic. Dreamed I married some gal. I’d only gone with about a week. This was supposed to have taken place about 6 or 7 months later. There was a baby on the way & I, not to any surprise of my own, discovered I didn’t love her & couldn’t figure out what I’d married her in the first place for. My Bombadier or Don, Lyle & the hucklebridge were all mixed up in it. I just couldn’t figure out how I was going to live 50 years with the gal. By the way, she wasn’t anybody familiar to me. Didn’t even like the way she kissed. Never was so glad to wake up in my life.

We haven’t settled down yet. In fact we move again soon. Just Lyle, the Engineer & myself here now. The rest have already left I mean by settled down, no particular spot in England. Must close now.

Worlds of love,


P.S. This writing is poor I know but I’m writing on a checkerboard balanced over a chair. Haven’t seen any mail in over two weeks. Will I ever be glad to finally get a letter.

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