March 19, 1945: Going Strong


March 19, 1945 EnvelopeMon. Nite

Mar. 19, 1945



Dear Mom & Dad

Just another short line tonite, so you’ll know I’m still going strong & every thing is running smoothly.

There’s really very little I can say. Censorship is worse than ever. Oh yes, we’ve moved again. It seems that’s all we do.March 19, 1945 Page 1


As usual, it’s fairly cold but being a yankee, guess I’ll survive. Went ice skating today, the first I’ve had a chance at in a couple of years. Needless to say , I’m pretty tired tonite.

Just got through playing poker with a couple of English boys & a New Zealander. Just can’t help but get a little tickled at their accent. Guess we sound just as queer to them. Oh yes, I  won $4 . Really, there’s nothing else to do.

When I get back, I want to tell you about this trip. It’s been very interesting so far.

Am enclosing some pictures of the crew taken in Georgia. Hope they get through. They should, there sure as the devil isn’t anything secret or confidential not much anyway, about that place. Never thought to send them before. Must close for now.

Worlds of love,


War News

March 19, 1945: The USS Franklin just off the coast of mainland Japan is attacked.

March 19, 1945: General Fromm shot by firing squad for plot against Hitler.

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