Feb. 13, 1945:Still in the Hospital


Tues. Morning

Feb. 13, 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well I’m still in the hospital but I hope, not for long. I’m working hard on getting out of here on dnif at present, that is “duty not involving flying”. I feel fine except for a slight cold yet, a couple of sold sores & a slightly sore appendix yet. That is they’re sore just to the touch. I guess all I’d have to do is say, take them out, & they would.March 13, 1945 Page1

I was talking to a permanent parts Lt. on the field here this morning & he gave me a better idea on what I could say in these letters. I’, in New England at present but can’t give you the exact whereabouts. Being Republican you still couldn’t be sure, so guess again.

We had a swell trip up, past over most of the big cities of the east. Such as Washington, saw the capital, Washingtons monument & etc. Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, saw the statue of Liberty, Empire State building & etc. one of the boys in the crew lives somewhere around there & gave us a quick tour of the city. Even saw Boston from there on we didn’t see much. I only wish it has been a clearer day. could only see 6 or 7 miles at the msot.

They’ve got one ship grounded till the 15th waiting for me. Sure hope I’m out of here in that time. Theres a possibility if I had my appendixs pulled I might get a leave, but its so slim, don’t think it’s worth it.

This is a pretty place. The field sort of nestles down in the valley between the hills. Not enough snow to make it really pretty though. Did have a slight snow storm last nite.

The boys got off of the post last nite but haven’t seen any yet, so don’t know what the town is lkie. We’ll likely be shoving off again for the next stop. It reminds me of Bay Munro & what “Bobby” used to say about the people that were pretty dumb. Must close now.

Lots of love,


What’s Happening

We finally take off for Manchester N.H. to fly overseas!  Our route took us directly over New York and Boston and about 3 o’clock we got to Manchester–guess what??  I had another bad cold!  No problem all the way up, but when we tried to land, I plugged up and couldn’t land!  I finally cleared my head and we were able to “set” down.   As soon as we got straighten around. I decided to go to the Dispensary to get a couple of aspirin–I had no more gotten in the door, when I doubled over with pain in my lower abdomen–my appendix again!  They quickly took a blood test and found my white blood cell count was way up–so they “threw” me in bed and started preparation for operating!   I’m sure I must of talked like a “Dutch Uncle”—-“Whoa! Whoa!—lets just put some ice on it ,and see how it is in couple of hours??”  I didn’t want to have to go back and start training all over again with a new Crew!   Anyway, they put ice packs on me and within a couple hours the pain had stopped and by the next morning my white blood cell count was almost back to normal–that afternoon, they released me!!  Whew!!   (I had forgotten all about this Hospital visit–I’ve said many times, I’ve only been in the Hospital only twice–but it’s four times!)  (Though short they may be–thank goodness)!

War News

March 14, 1945: The RAF drops the Grand Slam Bomb.

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