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March 8, 1946: Letter From Don Proue

March 8, 1946 Proue

Muskegon Hts. Mich

March 8, 1946


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Warren

Suppose by now you have thought I wouldn’t write again. It seems like I never find time to write and also don’t feel much in the mood for it after sitting in an office all day. It certainly is quite a change from our old fly machines.

Hope you folks all feel fine during this nasty weather. My mother has been down in bed with the flu as is many others have had.March 8, 1946 Page 1

Got a letter from one of the fellows the other day, you probably have heard Dick speak of him-“Mouton”. About all he said was that they were in Liberia now, and I can imagine it isn’t so nice. He didn’t say anything about Dick or Wade and I haven’t heard from either so you are the only one through which I hear anything about them. When does Dick expect to get home and how is he doing? Also has he made up his mind whether to stay in the army yet or not, really doubt if he wants to stay in very bad though.

I know this is very short but I must close. Again I hope you all are fine and also hope to hear from you soon with a little about the fellows.


Very Sincerely,


Don Proue