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March 2, 1946: Have to Have 42 Months Active Service


March 2, 1946 EnvelopeMarch 2, 1946

Mellaha Fld., Tripoli

Dear Mom & Dad,

Another nice day & seeing as theres nothing scheduled guess I’ll drop you another line. The way your letters have been coming through lately, I’ve gotten way behind again even though I’ve been writing regularly. Got those of yours of the 18th & 20th of Feb yesterday.

I still have this darn cold in my nose. It doesn’t seem to get any better or any worse. All I seem to be accomplishing with it, is in using beaucoup handkerchiefs.

As you’ve already noticed, theres no $50 money order in this letter. This darn post office only seems to be open when they get good & ready. It’ll probably be three or four days before I get the other $50 off to you.March 2, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading