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Feb. 28, 1946: Arnie’s Death


February 28, 1946 EnvelopeFeb. 28, 1946

Mellaha Fld. , Tripoli

Dear Mom & Dad,

Have a couple three more letters of yours to answer so best I get one written. Got one here yesterday that  had been missent to another apo (Feb. 7th) & then two in the afternoon from Lechfeld, old ones 14th & 23rd of Jan. Just got two more a few minutes ago (12th & 15th of Feb.).

It really a warm day out. Very much like an early summer one. Same way yesterday. It’s really too hot for these greens & pinks we have to wear. Don’t imagine they’ll allow us to wear sun tans till around the middle of April.Just got paid a few hrs. ago. If I remember it, will enclose a $50 money order in this letter. Will send 50 more in the next letter. It really costs quite a bit more to live around here than it did in Germany. I’d guess I spend about $45 a month for food alone. Fact is, I can’t figure out just where the money does go. Don’t reckon I should worry as long as I save $200 a month.

Nobody flew today. First time thats happened for about a week. I flew both yesterday & the day before taking pictures. You can imagine about what a job it is trying to find out whether you’re on course on these flight lines on the desert. Thank goodness I only do the flying. Knowing whether we’re on course or not on the flight lines is up to the bombardier.February 28, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading