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Jan. 17, 1946: This Place is Darn Good

January 17, 1946 Envelope Jan. 17, 1945

Tripoli, Africa

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well here I am down in what you might call the sunny south. Rolled in here yesterday afternoon. Believe me it feels good to get out that mud & snow at Munich.

Took off from Lechfeld the 15th after being held up for two days because of snow storms. I couldn’t leave during the storms because there’s no de-icer  boots on my plane. Even so it was snowing when I took off & I finally broke through the soup at about 8500 ft. Only because there was no icing in those clouds did they let me go.

Flew down to Marseilles, France that afternoon & stayed all nite. Had a little trouble because in places the clouds went up to 13,000’ & I had to go over them. With no oxygen on board it wasn’t too much fun. The stuff broke up around Marseilles so I had no trouble gettimg in there. Let the guy thats flying co-pilot for me land there & man, he dropped that plane in from about 8’. She really hit. Didn’t hurt anything, thank goodness.January 17, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading

Jan. 14, 1946: Last Letter From Lechfeld


January 14, 1946 EnvelopeLechfeld, Germany

Jan. 14, 1946

Dear Mom & Dad,

Will see if I can’t get another letter written this morning. Two of your letters finally sneaked through somehow. Course they were old ones. One was written the 25th of Nov. and the other the 10th of Dec. At that rate there must be at least 15 more on there way, or else floating around the continent somewhere.

This will be the last one you’ll get from me here for a little while. I was suppose to fly down to Africa, (Tripoli), yesterday. Have been held up for the last two days now on account of weather. The strange part of it all is that I’m flying as 1st pilot. From all I can find out, it was just a matter of the operations officer picking the lesser of two evils. He doesn’t like neither myself nor the guy that’s flying CP for me, and of course that feeling is mutual. He’s given both of us a raw deal or two and seemingly we haven’t been backward about telling him what we thought of him for it.January 14, 1946 Page 1 Continue reading