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Dec. 29, 1945: Flew Over Munich, Augsburg and Dachau

December 29, 1945 EnvelopeDec. 29, 1945

Lechfeld, Germany

Dear Mom & Dad,

Will see if I can’t get a letter, or at least a resemblance to one, written tonite. From what I’ve been hearing, they aren’t going through anyway. They darn sure aren’t coming this way, that I know.

Guess I’ll be living alone in this room pretty soon. The rest of the boys are going down to Africa. I’ll probably go down there sooner or later. Don’t know what the heck I’ll do then (when they go), can’t find enough to do as it is.Dec. 29, 1945 Page 1 Continue reading

Dec. 24, 1945: Thankful We Are Alive

Dec. 24, 1945 EnvelopeDec. 24, 1945

Lechfeld, Germany

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just want to write a short note on this X-mas Eve. I havne’t mailed the letter I wrote last nite as yet, so these will probably arrive there together.

There’s Mout & I left here now, both writing letters. The rest of the guys are either getting drunk, or the Catholics some of them anyway, have gone to church. I don’t guess it’s too Merry a X-mas for any of the boys here.December 24, 1945 Page 1

Course the radio is playing all the x-mas carols. They make up the most beautiful music in the world, I believe. Its too bad there has to be so many unhappy people listening to them tonite. Even so, it’s a lot merrier x-mas for most people, than those of the last few year have been.

Just got through eating popcorn a few minutes ago. Guess that made me feel about as good as anything could tonite. There’s one above all that we can be very thankful for. We’re all very much alive & likely will be together for the next one. As Merry a x-mas as is possible.

Worlds of love,



Dec. 23, 1945: Drunken Civilians

Dec. 23, 1945 EnvelopeDec. 23, 1945

Lechfeld, Germany

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just another note. Got three letters from you today. Those of the 8th, 12th, & 13th. The one of the 13th remember, was written after you got the letter saying there was possibilities of my having to even sweat out next x-mas over here. You sounded a little bitter in that letter Mom. Tch! Tch! Wheres your morale. Shouldn’t let it get you down.

Will glance through the letters now & answer all questions. Was glad to hear that Johnnie was ok’d to get his first. Knew he would be. You’d better tell him not to wait till I get there though, if he wants to get it sometime within the next few years.

Got a big bang out of the way Sis messed up on the picking out of x-mas presents. Sounds just like her.December 23, 1945 Page 1 Continue reading

Dec. 21, 1945: This Field Really Battered

December 21, 1945 Envelope

Dec. 21, 1945

Lechfeld, Germany

Dear Mom & Dad,

Reckon I’d better drop a note tonite. Feel kinda tired but think I’ll manage to keep my eyes open long enough to write a couple of pages.

Got down here the 19th. Spent yesterday unpacking & straightening things in general. All of us have a nice big wall locker so it wasn’t too much of a job.

The four of us are still together in the same room, that is Mout, Stan, Bob & myself. We don’t have as much room as we did at St. Trond, but its not too bad.December 21, 1945 Page 1 Continue reading