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Dec. 7, 1945: 104th Article of War

December 7, 1945 Envelope

St. Trond, Belgium

Dec 7, 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Meant to write last nite, but thought I’d pick up my money order & send it, so held off till tonite. Couldn’t get the money order because it wasn’t ready, but another $150 will be on its way home in 2 or 3 days.

Got “beaucoup” mail today. They must have cleaned up all of the attic & etc. of letters here in the E.T.O., for everybody got a bunch of it today. Some a couple months old. Got 4 from you folks. Those of the 10th, 21st, 25th, & 28th.

O.K., I’ll admit you’re pretty hot Dad. Maybe your eye sight isn’t quite as bad as thought. Notice you didn’t say just how far he was away at the time of the shooting. I don’t know why, except your writing seems to have a confident sneer about it, but I have a sneaking hunch you got at least one of those 4 deer.December 7, 1945 Page 1 Continue reading

Dec. 2, 1945: Middle East and N. Africa

December 2, 1945 Envelope

St. Trond, Belgium

Dec. 2, 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

I wish I didn’t have to write this letter tonite but it has to be done, so here goes.

I can tell you pretty definitely I won’t be home for Christmas & likely not for some time after it. We’re moving near Munich, Germany the 15th of this month. That is no rumor, its everything but done. I guess form Munich our Sqdn. is supposed to go to some place in N. Africa & photograph Libya, Egypt & the coast line of the Middle East. It’s supposed to take us till sometime in April to do all of this.

This Middle East  & N. Africa deal isn’t definite yet, but just don’t be surprised if you get a letter from me down that a way one of these days. There are rumors that two Sqdns. will stay over here & two will go home. The low point men (meaning me) will stay here & do the job. So unless some brass hat changes his mind on a few things in the immediate future, don’ t except me to come steaming into the Michigan Central depot for a while yet.December 2, 1945 Page 1 Continue reading