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Nov. 28, 1945:”Paddy” Sounds Good for the Baby

November 28, 1945 Envelope

St. Trond, Belgium

Nov. 28, 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Got your letter of the 13th today, so thought I’d better sit down & pen an answer.

My first question is, did you make it across the Straits before the storm Dad, or did you have to wait? Suppose your answer to that one is already on its way. Also how did Bob make out hunting around the house?

That nickname for the coming baby didn’t come from the time Sis made a slight error & said “What Paddy shot at, “ Did it? Paddy sounds o.k. to me. Does remind me of that little saying though. Gee its getting hard to find anything to write about anymore. Even rumors seem to be getting “scarcer.”

How about sending me some Posts, Americans, Colliers & etc. I can’t find anything at all around here to read anymore. Not even a newspaper. I’ve read murder mysteries till I’m blue in the face, would rather read something else for a while.November 28, 1945 page 1 Continue reading