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Nov. 26, 1945: Two Orchestras Last Nite

November 23, 1945 Envelope

St. Trond, Belgium

Nov. 26, 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just another line today, while I’ve got up enough ambition to write. Haven’t mailed the last letter I wrote, yet, so suppose these’ll both go together.

Had another of those big parties here again last nite. Didn’t have too bad a time. There’s so many officers here now that we have to use two different places to dance, which also necessitates (sp?) the use of two orchestras. Had a couple of fairly good ones last nite.

Guess I wrote that I expect to get at least 11 more points soon & maybe 5 more. I sure can use them. That’ll bring me up pretty close to sixty.November 26, 1945 page 1 Continue reading