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Nov. 23, 1945: Don Left Yesterday


November 23, 1945 Envelope

Nov. 23,1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

Have really been a bad boy this time. Know I haven’t written for at least 8 days. Haven’t written a soul during that time. Have been out on another little deal.

This time I went to England. Was supposed to help move part of a Bomber Gr. there, over to Germany. Went over there last Fri. couldn’t land at that field, so had to land near London. Spent the nite there in town.

Next day, took off back for Thurliegh, that’s the Bomb Gr., & landed there. Couldn’t take off the next day because we weren’t loaded up. So what happens, that nite they cancelled the whole movement. Told us we could go back to St. Trond the next day. Since then we’ve been sweating out the weather trying to get back. Just pulled in here about 4 o’clock today.Nov. 23, 1945 page 1 Continue reading

Nov. 14, 1945: $100 for a Carton of Luckies

November 14, 1945 Envelope





Nov. 14, 1945

St. Trond,Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well here’s that other $50. That’ll be all for this month. That’s $50 more than I should send, now. So best I let it go at that.. When pay day comes around again, I’ll look at my financial situation & see what can be done about sending more home.

I’ve got the usual problems again tonite. That of wondering what to write about. As usual nothing has been going on.

Have gotten me some p-51 ink, that is one of the boys got a bottle for me today in Leige. So for a while anyway, I won’t have any excuse for not writing.

We’ve had the usual streak of no mail lately, so I can’t even answer any letters.November 14, 1945 Page 1 Continue reading