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Nov. 12, 1945: Mary Margaret McBride and Roy Porter

November 12, 1945 Envelope





Nov. 12, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

I know, that other $50 should be in this letter. The only reason it isn’t is because I haven’t bothered to go pick it up. Have to get my rations tomorrow so while I’m up there will pick up the money order to. That means I’ll likely write again tomorrow so it can get on its way. Now that’ll be o.k. won’t it?

As has been my usual remark in the last letters, I’m still not doing anything. Tried to fly the cub today but couldn’t because the ceiling was too low. Just came back from another pass yesterday & didn’t even do much then.

Went hunting Sat. afternoon. Didn’t even get a “whirrel. Did get a chickadee & went & cold feet. I didn’t see a feather.

Had the usual party here that Sat. nite. It was even worse than usual. It was supposed to be a 7 piece orchestra. 7 men came, they had 4 instruments & 3 of them played. Unless you were within 3 ft. you couldn’t tell what it was all about.

Where did your hear about 135,000 men coming over here to replace us? Sounds like another of those things they’re always saying but never happens.

I believe I did meet George Hicks in Berlin. Met so many I couldn’t be sure but it runs in my mind I did. It was  a surprise to me that you knew of Roy Porter & Mary Margaret so well. They were only vaguely familiar to me. Mary Margaret was really a grand person as you imagined she was. Roy was a good egg to. Continue reading

Nov. 8, 1945: Hate to Bust that Bubble


November 8, 1945 Envelope





Nov. 8, 1945

St. Trond, Belgium

Dear Mom & Dad,

Heres another $150. That makes $300 I’ve sent in the last 3 days. Have changed my mind on the extra $75. Will send only $50 instead. Am keeping the extra $25 in case  I need it. Leaves me a little over $75 to get by on this month. Reckon I should make it.

Oh yes, am writing this with my p-51. The package got here last nite. Thank you very sweetly for everything. Don’t know where I’ll get any ink for this pen. Doubt if I can get any p-51 & as you know any other kind doesn’t work.

Got the first letter from Sis, last nite, that she’s sent from Selfridge. Also your letter of the 26th. They seem to be coming through in rotation anyway. Got the one of the 24th the nite before.November 8, 1945 page 1

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Nov., 5, 1945: Got Three Belgie “Pats”


November 5, 1945





Nov., 5, 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Or should I say just Mom. Rather imagine Dad is already on his way to the Island. Got three letters from you today, those of the 18th 20th & 25 th of Oct. Hadn’t had any for quite some time so I knew they were due.

As you an see, there are two money orders enclosed. One for $100 & another for $50. There’ll be another $150 along in a couple of days & likely another $75 three or four days afterwards. $375 in all. That makes it around $1500 I’m ahead since I’ve come overseas, counting of course that $200 back income tax.

You seem to be doing right well with your hunting Dad can’t say I even got a chuckle out of your remarks about my gun but otherwise, it sounded good. Was really tickled that Jim got his first pheasant.November 8, 1945 Continue reading